“Beauty Deconstructed” by Juliana Soo

Photographer: Juliana Soo|Model1: Holly P (Basic Models)|Model2: Tati T (Looque Models)|Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Xie

This shoot was inspired by three things: 1. Spring/summer 2015 neon make up, 2. steps in which women apply make up, 3. underwater feel. I was thinking how to interpret summer in a different way other than the cliche orangery sunlight look. Hence I decided to use of cyan gel filter to simulate water and the photos emphasize on one area e.g. eye-shadow while keeping the lips neutral, bright lipstick which focus on the lips while keeping the rest of the face bare and bright blush which emphasize on the cheeks.

Juliana Soo Website: www.julianasoo.com

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