“Abstract Angels” by Andréia Takaishi

Photographer: Andréia Takaishi Photographer Assistant: Diego Nascimento Makeup Artist: Tamy Kajino  Models: Paulo Shulz (Joy Model), Efraim Schroder (Joy Model), Jhoey Chinalder (Surreal Managemente), Thales Cavallari (Daphne Agency), Henrique Bitencourt (Mad Models)    Styling & Art Direction: Jhoey Chinalder Assistant Director: Rafael Borges  Retouching: Sandro Oliveira Yung  Fashion Production: Vivian Kondo, Eddie Andrade, Jhoey, Leticia Davis  Assistant Production: Camila Martins, Karina Fentty Isidoro, Yuki Tsukiyama  Special Thanks to Designers: Luiza Guilger Guerra & Stephane Maggot

Starting from a concept that freedom does not exist, we live in an utopia of belief being free, where the cloisters and our false joy are the masks that disturb the masks. If we are free physically, immediately we are not free spiritually etc.

The straps become invisible, before the inevitability of being blind. The angels, representing this delirium and the dream of freedom, a dream in the war, but also representing the revolt, where angels are transformed into demons, where what is beautiful can become ugly, the good become ill.

The secret to exist, will depend on the power that our eyes have. Where dreams and nightmares may be a bridge of passage, our eyes are the windows of our own ”abyss” our soul.