“Zodiac” by Łukasz Babst

Models: Alicja Strańczyk & Filip Kuncewicz / Hysteria Models    Makeup Artist: Izabela Kolanowska    Stylist: Kate Kasia

Zodiac” is a project which was created to show typical features of chosen signs. It may seem amazing that our date of birth can have an influence on our behaviour, and  we cannot deny it. We all have a Gemini friend who needs contact with other people all the time, we know at least one stubborn, but ambitious Leo or a peaceful Libra. Our photoshoot shows the characteristics of Zodiac signs not only in the models’ behaviour and poses, but also in the whole looks created by perfectly mixed designers’ pieces and make-up. Before we took the photos we had been studying nature of each sign. We had chosen the most typical features and the models were trying to show it on the set. Of course our project needs to be taken with a grain of salt, we are aware that not each and every human with a certain Zodiac sign acts the same way and has exactly the same character. „Zodiac” is an image of stereotypes we all know happen to be true.

The idea of photoshooting came from Kate, who is the stylist and Łukasz Babst, the photographer. Kate prepared the looks using pieces from designers: Błażej Teliński, Emilia Ziółek, Viktoria Aranea. Izabela Kolanowska complemented it with make-up and Łukasz Babst cought everything on the pics. Our models: Alicja and Filip were the best ones we could have chosen! Enjoy!

Photographer Website: www.lukaszbabst.com

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