“The Shining Man” by Florian Gimbert

Model: Philippe Hollner    Makeup Artist: Alexia Dalmas

“I wanted to make male beauty shoot, so I looked for the model that really wanted to work with me. To my mind Philippe Hollner had the perfect type of face for this series. I decided to collaborate with a makeup artist Alexia Dalmas as she is a very creative and precise professional.

On the day of the shooting we discussed about the makeup and decided to cover models face with glitters entirely and partially the upper body of the model. We agreed to use contrasting colors. The magic appeared when makeup artist started doing her work!

I had researched for my artistic direction composed by different type of lights, compositions, poses, etc. The shoot took about 1 hour. After that I made a choice with all the pictures to choose the more interesting images.

I began retouching part by working on skin and paid attention to texture in order not to destruct it. When skin was perfect I started working on colors that in this case was the most important factor to work on.

When I finished all the pictures I made some adjustments to make them all perfect and with the same art direction.

I love to work with men because their faces are very interesting. I like to make them beautiful by emphasizing their masculinity in all of my work.

I hope you like my vision!”

Thank You,

Florian Gimbert

Website: www.floriangimbert.com 

Facebook Page: Florian Gimbert  Instagram: @FlorianGimbert

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