Photo MUA&Crown: Nela Isabella la Voltury Model: Lea Roganská

Photography by Nela Isabella la Voltury

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NelalaVoltury

My name is Nela Konečná and I’m come from Brno in the Czech Republic. I have chosen Nela Isabella la Voltury as my photographic pseudonym. I’m a young photographer, makeup artist, stylist and designer. Photography for me is a way to express my feelings, emotions, imagination that is in my mind, my inner world and my soul. When I take pictures I always find myself in my fantasy world and real world does not exist.

I am devoted to photoshooting for three years now.  At first I modeled myself and was a makeup artist but always wanted to try a role of a photographer. In the course of time I started making decorations for photoshoots. At the beginning it was really hard and people were rude to me. I almost gave up shooting at one stage but eventually I managed to continue photographing. Photography is a hard work but it is my self-realization and now I understand that rude people are everywhere. They do not bother me anymore.

My style is dreamy, conceptual and surreal. I also do extravagant fashion photography that usually carries a story and emotion in it. In my works colours must be deep and intense and shooting locations must have a mystical atmosphere. I edit and retouch images myself and have progressed a lot since the beginning.
On my free time I like singing, drawing, painting, reading, dancing, cooking and also making jewellery.




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