Bartek – a photographer with passion

In this artistic field I am a self-taught man, who had learned the skill by glancing through magazines and getting inspired by movies. I also attended few workshops. My adventure with photography started in a very trivial way and I have never suspected that it would become such a tremendous part of my life.

After I had bought my first camera, I did some photojournalism regarding sports events, especially football matches. Then, after a year, I realized that I would rather do sports than watch it from behind my camera. That is how my camera landed on the bottom of my closet.

It had stayed there until I got injured during the match and I couldn’t play anymore. It was the end of November 2013.

One day, I came across an information about photographic workshops organized by Katarzyna Widmańska. I was absolutely thrilled by her pics, so I decided to go and that’s how it started. I was so into photography this time and the workshops were just the beginning. I was determined to get more training and this is how I met a lot of wonderful people.

Photography is like an amazing journey to me. Everyday I discover something new. I make every effort to have a simple but open- minded point of view. I love the whole process of making a picture, from setting the details of a session to a post – production process.

I like using harsh lightening in classic shots, when the light and shade give the picture a particular tone and complement the sensuality of a model.

I mainly shoot women and their way of showing emotions, their fragility and gentleness. They are my true inspiration. During my sessions I try to create peaceful atmosphere and deep relation based on trust and mutual understanding. I also try to open the person up so I could show all the best about her or him. This is how I build my style. I have undertaken few photographic initiatives like organizing photo marathons and meetings, thanks to which I keep on developing my skills and inspire myself. The photography has swallowed me entirely. I am constantly looking for those random, passing moments and glances to be immortalized.

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