“Pastel” by Katelizabeth Photography

Photography: Katelizabeth Photography       Model: Iris     Make Up Artist: Viki Lloyd       Corset: Waisted Creations

As an artist I have always had a fascination with Asian features, and for some time wanted to create a pastel photo shoot which complimented the models appearance. I created the set in studio, raiding my grandmother’s house to do so for all kinds of rugs, props and backdrops. In light of the growing popularity in baking, I wanted to include cakes in my images for a “French fancies” appeal, but since this was the first time I had ever tried to bake, I wasn’t exactly ready for macaroons and settled on cupcakes. This photo shoot was very much a personal expression, a combination of ideas I had been harbouring for some time now that were to turn my photography more into art pieces and to learn better use of post-production techniques, because of this I have come a long way. The costume was fashioned together from a variety of my own clothes and a corset by Waisted Creations, which provided the ultimate colour scheme for the shoot.

The skill of the makeup artist was beyond what I could have hoped for, having worked with Viki once before, I knew she was up for the task of creating striking pastel make up on pale skin and on non-Caucasian features, which the majority of makeup artists in our region are more practiced for. A long with baking the cakes, I pre-dried roses for props that I wanted to burn, but sadly, did not go up in flames like I had anticipated. The scene was also decorated with varieties from my large faux flower collection, which I expanded on in post to rake on a painterly, watercolour effect. My favourite image from the set is the close up portrait of Iris’ face, it is simple but still holds the elements I wanted to achieve, and made striking by her beautiful features. The day itself was a very long day, juggling a number of different models and different sets, as well as the makeup artist’s young children, and clocked a total of 10 hours, but without the pain we never would have achieved these great pieces.

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