“An Iridescence Dark Toxic Beauty” by Raymond Tan

Model: Felicity Taylor      Makeup and Hair: Joanne     Liu Designer: Ariel C.

Inspired by the oil spill’s iridescence sheen and thick black glossy texture, it is translated into this series with the concept of a dark irony of luxury “toxic” on body.

The increasing conspicuous consuming pattern of our generation, the negligence and ignorance, contributed significantly to pollutions, creating a vicious cycle

“Today we have this economic structure that keep taking away material resources, like using and polluting relentlessly in its bid to cater and even stimulate further consumption in us”

Tim Jackson’s TED talk on “Economics of Climate Change”

Photographer’s website: www.raytn.com

Facebook: raymondtanphoto Instagram: raymondtan02  Twitter: theraymondtan

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