Photographer Paulina Rozpondek

Every day is magic which I see in frames. It’s everywhere. I look and see brilliant light, line play, an interesting face, an inspiring place or a situation which I could show to the other. World of emotions in pictures makes us quiet and infused with spirituality. It’s addictive and drives us to search for new challenges and … ourselves. It makes us to stop for a while in the everyday chase for down-to-earth matters. Photography for me is not only passion but also a large part of my life – an eternal adventure. Thanks to it I keep on developing myself and learning fantastic people.

When I was a little girl my uncle made photography become my passion. He showed me the unknown new world on his own photographs.  Years later when I got my first camera I had no idea what to do with it. Step by step I kept on discovering this world and searching for my own place and style: starting with flowers, park benches and horses. They accompanied with people who appeared and stayed in my photographs. Photo-workshops – during which I got my eyes opened to a lot of matters – were a turning point thanks to which I am in a place where I am at present.

Recently I photograph mainly women – these are portraits and fashion. I also happen to come back to photographs of people with horses from time to time. I like naturalness and dull colours. I claim that a photograph can never be too dark because it always gives unrepeatable climate. I have a soft spot for black-white and the vintage style photographs – both in fashion as well as in  photography. I am also not afraid of gloomy perspectives – just the opposite.

At work with models I do my best to be myself, to establish a friendly contact, to get rid of distance and to catch some common language. I am lucky to have a huge imagination and broadness of mind – it helps at work to get out from different “blind alleys” when they appear.

Apart from the photographic world I divide my life among work, home, my wonderful friends and animals – a dog and a horse which I adore and which are always my springboard, joy as well as inspiration.

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