Quick Interview with New York Model Ilia Shchevelev

“I want to be versatile enough to be able to pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.” – model Ilia Shchevelev

All Male 2015 cover shot by Presley Ann Cover Model: Ilia Shchevelev Makeup Artist: Presley Ann Hair Stylist: Ilia Shchevelev

Ilia, where are you based and how did you become a model? First, I just want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to interview. I’m a New York based model. The why was easy – I always had a knack for photography. I love it and it loves me! As for how, I went to a Moscow based modeling school and it all started from there.

In your opinion, what are your strongest features as a model? Lol. It’s a little embarrassing to talk about, but if I had to say, my eyes. It’s definitely all about the eyes.

What is fun and rewarding about modeling? To me the most rewarding aspect of modeling is the freedom I feel while standing in front of that camera. You can do anything. Be anything, in front of that lens.

What are your modeling goals? I really want to take this field by storm, but another part of me wants to go with the flow, and see how far I can make it in this industry.

How did modeling change your life? What have you learned as a person already? The hardest lesson I’ve learned as a model is that this industry is extremely humbling. One minute a shoot can have you feeling like a king, the next minute it brings you right back down to earth. Especially, with how much hard work goes into making that shoot.

What has been your favorite shoot to date? Honestly, they’ve all been my favorites. Each one brought out a new side of me. But if I had to say, my work with Thomas Synnamon was by far the most intriguing. He really knows how to capture the male form.

Tell us, is modeling an easy job? Why? It definitely isn’t, at least not in my experience. Every shoot, every piece of work that I’ve been a part of has really taken a lot of effort and dedication. The challenge is to take a bunch of creative people and have them produce something amazing and it’s definitely easier said than done.

2015 Male Issue Ilia3cut1 model Ilia Shchevelev

How do you feel being in front of the camera? What is on your mind? Like I said before, it’s really the most freeing feeling in the world for me. While I shoot, my mind is so clear and receptive to any ideas that may come my way.

2015 Male Issue Ilia3cut model Ilia Shchevelev

What does fashion mean to you? To me fashion is constantly shifting and ever changing. As a model, I have to be just as adaptive, if not more so.

Ilia, how would you describe your personal style? Where do you pull your inspiration from? I don’t think of it as a style. I feel that would box me in, you know ? I want to be versatile enough to be able to pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

2015 Male Issue Ilia model Ilia Shchevelev

Where can fashion industry professionals see your portfolio?

2015 Male Issue Ilia2
What do you like to do on your free time? I’m a hopeless romantic lol. I love to go on long walks. It helps bring things into perspective.

2015 Male Issue Ilia4 model Ilia Shchevelev

Describe yourself in three words please. Model. Leo. Romantic.

Your life motto? YOLO. Lol Just kidding. I try to live by this maxim: Be the change that you want to see.

Thank you, Ilia.

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