Strugen Melissa was born in Arcachon (France), born of a German father and a mother from Guadeloupe (French island). She is a photo model for a short time (7 months). Her modeling agency is based in Paris, “Cocomodel” Agency in partnership with Boona model in New York.

Melissa speaks about her experience and photographic choices:

“I can say that in the choice of photo projects I am versatile, I am very open minded. I like to go in a style that is not necessarily mine in the life of every day, change, have challenges, my goal is to learn more and more … it’s very important in the world of fashion. I am passionate for styled photos where the subject will be searched, I like when a picture speaks, I  like small details, I do not like flat things. I love fashion projects, the fashion, the lifestyle, moreover soon the theme of my next project will be “rag doll”,  a little dark series. “

Melissa’s won her  first fashion competition at the age of 2 years.

Currently she is studying psychosocial (license).

“I started photography by chance”. -she Says!
“One day a photographer spotted me in a nightclub (it was the official Photographer Club), he offered to do a test shoot, and I accepted and here I am today !

Recently she was selected from hundreds of French to represent France at the prestigious American MISS GLOBAL ORGANIZATION contest held in the Philippines this year. During two weeks, 50 beautiful girls from different countries have competed with Melissa Strugen alias “MISS FRANCE”. This enabled her to expand its network in the fashion and to be known because the ceremony was rebroadcast on TV, plus interviews, autograph sessions and other …

After these two weeks, several particular projects including a future role in a feature film in Australia, a contract in Thailand, and Dubai may be. “This is just the beginning” – She hopes!

In her free time she makes sport, she loves being with my family and friends. Sport is an integral part of her life. Presently she practices acrobatic Pole Dance.

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