Meet Ukrainian Model Olga Ovcharenko

Ukrainian model Olga Ovcharenko was born and raised in post-soviet Ukraine, during the tumultuous period of the transition to capitalism. Due to her tall frame and slim figure Olga was discovered by modeling scouts at a young age, but after graduating from the Luhansk school for models at age 16 she did not start her modeling career until age 20, choosing instead to focus on her schooling and education. Olga graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a Masters of Law degree.

Photographer Under the Sun Production; Model Olga Ovcharenko; Swimsuit Kosta

Olga made her first steps in the modeling industry working in the Ukrainian market for runway fashion events and commercial advertisements. Olga was also published in some of the top Ukrainian magazines and media sources, including Vogue Ukraine and the cover for the Ukrainian fashion magazine ‘BOOM’. Her first significant runway appearance was for the fashion show ‘Fashion Globus Ukraine’, organized by the association of Ukrainian fashion designers. Olga has also participated in a number of other Ukrainian and international runway and fashion events, including: ‘Wedding Fashion Ukraine’, ‘Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days’, ‘Mercedes-Benz Fashion week’ in Kiev and ‘Ukrainian Fashion Week’.

Ukrainian Model Olga Ovcharenko
Photographer Tito Esco; Model Olga Ovcharenko;

In addition to her busy modeling career, Olga participated in several Ukrainian beauty contests and has taken numerous prized places. She was voted in the top 50 most beautiful girls of Ukraine, she is the recipient of the second place prize for ‘Queen of Chernihiv’ in 2013 and was included in the semi-final of ‘Miss Princess of Ukraine’ in 2015. She also starred in commercials for her home city in the contest ‘Miss Tourism 2013’ and advertising for the contest ‘Beauty of Chernihiv 2016’. Additionally, Olga has appeared at events for the company ‘The Wargaming Group’ (famous for its international hit game ‘World of Tanks’) as well as exhibition promotions for the multinational technology giant Huawei Co Ltd in and commercials for the Ukrainian oil company GNL.

Ukrainian Model Olga Ovcharenko
Model Olga Ovcharenko; Swimsuit Morena Valley

Olga’s first foreign contract brought her to Yinchuan, China, where she worked on fashion shows, events as well as exhibition promotions. Next her career in the modeling industry took her to Milan, Italy, where she signed a contract with the Milan Model Agency. While in Italy she worked with clothing brand Diva’s Leather and Furs during Milan fashion week. Olga next signed a contract with Zenati model management and flew to Tel Aviv, Israel, to star in a photoshoot for the Israeli fashion magazine ‘Efifo’.

Ukrainian Model Olga Ovcharenko
Photographer Leonardo Camellin; Model Olga Ovcharenko; Style by @twmilena Italy

During her modeling career Olga has had the opportunity to work with many Ukrainian and international designers including: Morena Valley (Colombian Swimwear Designer), Slanovskiy (Ukrainian designer of wedding dresses), Diva’s Leather & Furs (clothing brand in Turkey), Armania, Mary Bride, Maxima, Anne-Mariee, Dominiss, Kosta (clothing brand for women’s fashion) and many more. She has also taken part in the Miami charity fashion shows ‘Gala de Angels’ and the ‘Selfie Fashion Show’.

Photographer Salvattore Balletta @cloudwvlker Model Olga Ovcharenko;

Ukrainian model Olga likes to find a healthy balance between her modeling career, social life and intellectual pursuits. She also enjoys bike riding, swimming and going to museums in her new home of Miami, Florida, and she is very excited to see where her career takes her next.

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