Model Naomi Emma: Modeling Has Honestly Made Me More Outgoing as a Person

Naomi, how did you become a model? Could you also tell us a little bit about yourself please? Thanks for taking the time to interview me, Sheeba. My name is Naomi Emma. I am from San Antonio, Texas. The home of the Alamo River walk and the San Antonio, Spurs. Go Spurs Go! Before I started modeling people would tell me I should become one, even strangers, people I didn’t even know. I eventually went to a near by modeling call and was offered a three year contract but never signed with that particular agency. I eventually had my first shoot and I have been in love with modeling ever since. I am also in love with styling shoots. I have been doing that for sometime now. I enjoy putting pieces together to create eye-catching looks. I am actually working on styling a fashion editorial at the moment. I would like to go far with this aspect of modeling and of course modeling itself. I would also love to become an agency stylist as well as celebrity stylist one day. Some celebrities I would like to style are Beyonce, Blake Lively, and Cassie. Some male celebrities would be Chris Brown and Jared Leto.

How has modeling experience changed you as a person/your life in general? Modeling has honestly made me more outgoing as a person. It has opened me up like you wouldn’t believe. I used to be an introvert when it came to people but due to modeling I feel I am now an extrovert. I’m more of a people person. I believe to be a model you can’t be shy or reserved, you have to be outgoing.

Is there anything you wish you had known when you first got into the modeling? What surprised you about the industry when you first got into it? It would definitely have to be that quality over quantity when it comes to images. I wasn’t aware how much quality mattered when it came to your portfolio. I also didn’t know how important networking was. The computer is a great way to network with people in the modeling industry.

What surprised me about the industry when I first got into it would be how diversified it has become. It has definitely diversified since the time I was a young girl idealizing my favorite models. There are so many different models with so many different ethnic backgrounds.

What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about being a model? What do you like least?   It would definitely be the shoot itself. I find it to be such an adrenaline rush when I shoot. There are honestly no aspects of modeling that I hate. I enjoy absolutely everything about it. From the makeup to the styling of the shoot. I also find it so exciting to be published. I don’t know too much about that as of yet, but I think its so thrilling to see yourself in a magazine. (smiles)

What is going through your mind when you are modeling in front of the camera? When in front of the camera I feel really carefree. I shoot as if no one is looking or standing around. I try to emulate my favorite models such as Kate Moss. I feel the more carefree I am the better I perform.

Something that most people don’t know about models is that we . . .? Models are just like everyone else. They have insecurities just like every other person does. Models are humans too.

Naomi, do you have any beauty/skin care tips or tricks to look fresh and rested for early morning photo shoots? I would recommend Clean and Clears morning burst it really wakes you up and gives you a really good glow to your skin. I would also recommend Bior pore strips. It cleans out your pores. It is for your forehead, nose and chin areas. Both Clean and Clear and Bior are known brands that are extremely affordable. Both products give you an overall facial type feeling, which is needed before a shoot.

Naomi, what advice would you give to a girl who is body conscious? How do you keep your confidence up and stay motivated? For anyone who is body conscious, they first need to know they shouldn’t be because everyone has flaws no ones perfect. Models in magazines are not perfect either. Most are photo shopped quit a bit until they reach newsstands. They also need to know that everyone’s body is different that is what makes everyone unique. To keep my confidence up I work out daily or if not that much, every other day. I stay motivated knowing that I in turn will see results with my mind and body. I find that working out keeps my mind clear and relieves stress.

What do you look for in photographers that you would do trade with? For trade work what I usually look for is if they have a team they work with. If they have a solid makeup artist and hair stylist I would like to work with them. I usually do my own styling so that’s not a problem if they don’t have a stylist.

What is your favorite or most memorable direction a photographer has ever given to you? It is from a recent shoot I had. The photographer wanted me to give good face and to express myself with my hands. I believe emoting to the camera is one of the most important things for a model aside from posing. I emoted well and we got back some killer images.

What are your favorite genres and styles of modeling? High fashion (editorial) because you get to wear the best of the best. Some of my favorite designers would be Balmain, Chanel, BCBG Max Azeria and Michael Kors among others.

My favorite style of modeling style is beauty. I love to express myself with different facial expressions at a beauty shoot. I use Tyra Banks’s advice and I try to smize as much as possible.

Who are your icons in fashion and/or modeling world? Why? As I mentioned her in the previous question, it would be definitely Tyra banks. She is an overall great role model for women from all walks of life and for every body type. She truly wants everyone to peruse their dreams and to succeed. She is not all about the cookie cutter models . She looks for models who are diverse and I love that about her. I also was a huge fan of American Next top model. I really miss the show. I also admire her for what she has accomplished in her life. And I wish her the best in her personal and business endeavors. One day I hope to meet her. She seems to have a great energy about her.

It’s not a secret that social media such as Instagram are as important as building up professional portfolio these days. Do you feel social media has helped your career? Social Media has definitely helped my career. There are so many people in the industry on such sites as Instagram and Facebook. I know of countless photographers that are on those sites that are absolutely amazing.

In your own eyes, do you feel Photoshop has created a skewed perception of the ideal body and beauty image? I really think that it has. I think it is misused in so many ways. It creates an unrealistic perception of beauty and size, which is nearly unattainable. I think everyone should accept themselves for who they are and stop trying to fit into a strict mold. I also think that it is as out of control as anorexia once was for runway models. With some runway modeling shows in Paris banning too thin models. I think there is going to be some point where this too will be banned. It creates unrealistic mindsets and isn’t good for todays young women that grow up with this false perception of beauty.

Where can our readers get connected with you and see more of your work? I am in the process of developing a website but for now my Instagram is naomi_official_564

Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career? One day I would hope to book a big ad campaign and style for modeling agencies as well. When it comes to my life motto it would be to cease the moment. Live every moment as if it is your last. I apply this to modeling. I give everything I have to a shoot as if it’s my very last shoot. This is on both sides, modeling and styling. Some words of wisdom I live by are “you get in what you put into it”. And a quote I live by is “do the best you can with what you can , while you can , and success is inevitable”. I want to tell everyone never give up on their dreams because if you work as hard as you can while you can with what you have you will succeed. And that success will in apart inspire others to succeed. No matter how hard things get never give up!

How would you describe yourself as model in three words? Daring. Motivated. Passionate.

What are your favorite things to do in your free time? Do you have other ambitions outside of modeling? My absolute favorite thing to do with my free time other than modeling are traveling and shopping. I love site seeing and plan on doing more traveling towards the end of this year. I enjoy shopping and enjoy putting different looks together.

I attend the University of Texas at San Antonio where I am studying Psychology and English Literature. I am perusing a carrier in Human Resource Management after I graduate. I plan on helping people within a business setting.

What is the last book you’ve read? I have recently just finished a novel, Shelton Johnsons “Gloryland”. It’s about a man Elijah Yancy who is of Indian and African blood . He is born on the day when the Emancipation proclamation was put into place, January 1st 1863. It is also about the racial tensions through during the time of reconstruction. Later in life he becomes a soldier and he later works at Yosemite national park. I found it be a great read and recommend it for those who are interested in historical fiction novels.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you want to go? If I could travel anywhere right now it definitely would be Germany. I have family there and would love to visit. I actually plan to go this December to visit them. I also plan on having 1 or 2 fashion shoots there.

How would you define happiness? I define happiness as a place in your life where you no longer have any worries. It is when you are happy with yourself and no one can disrupt that.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising. My ethnicity will probably surprise a few people out there. I think people will find it surprising that my mother is from Germany. She fluent in both German and English. However I know very little German. I am a combination of many ethnicities. I am also part Native American on my father’s side. I am German, African American and 1/8 Cherokee Native American. I think people will find this surprising because usually I am mistaken for Brazilian, Columbian , Spanish and Puerto Rican. Thanks for having me, Sheeba.

Thank you, Naomi.

Published in 2016 November Volume II: BUY NOW

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