Interview with model Luiza Kramek

“I can be who I want to be, in the photos we have possibility to be totally different than in reality.”

2015 #11 November VOL II L Kramek w2Luiza, what brought you into modeling world? I always asked my friends to take photos for me. I just loved to invent new stylizations or make-ups. Finally, someone noticed me, and after that I had my first professional photo-session. Since then, all went very fast and crazy. Furthermore, “real” photographers started invite me for really professional sessions.

 What do you love most about being a model? I can be who I want to be, in the photos we have possibility to be totally different than in reality.

 What are your favorite genres & styles of modeling? I adore all that is romantic, sensual, fairytale, but sometimes I try something new and unheard.

 What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done? When someone put on me tons of pink make up, which created something like cosmic/alien mask. The paint was everywhere – in my nose, hair, I found it in my ears too.

 Is there anything you wish you had known when you first got into modeling? Sometimes it requires big sacrifices or working in difficult conditions (rain, frost, high altitudes).

 What do you find the most challenging part about modeling? How to pose, when you don’t accept yourself and your own body.

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 What’s your most memorable direction/advice a photographer has ever given to you? When you want to show your emotions – try to feel them.

 Luiza, what’s something you haven’t achieved but hope to in the future? I want to show that short girls can pull through in photo-modeling.

 What is your dream modeling job? I would like to use my skills on the other side of camera (makeup and characterization).

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 What do you believe is the key to success for a model? Passion.

 What is your advice to other aspiring models? It needs much of patience and a lot of work before you achieve something. You need to gain experience during each session.

 What’s your beauty regimen like? Do you have any beauty secrets or products you swear by? I try to be natural, I prepare healthy cosmetic mask for face and hair (fruits, vegetables, honey, herbs).

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 How do you prepare yourself when you have to go for a shoot? One day before I am trying to stop eating like everyday (just small portions) because after that stomach looks really nice and flat. I always remember about nice and healthy nails, however perfect hair and make up are elementary.

 What are three things you could not live without? Lip balm, phone, and “maybe” my boyfriend 🙂

 In short could you tell us a little bit about yourself. What else do you do besides modeling? I just love to do make up, sing, I have blog and vlog, I do sports too.

 Where can viewers see more of your works?





What is your life motto? Courage is to resist fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.


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