Interview with model Anthony Escoboza

Anthony Escoboza 1Where are you from and how long have you been modeling? I’m born and raised in Deerfield Beach, FL and am currently living in Coconut Creek, FL. My background is of the Dominican Republic. I started modeling in 2012.

What makes you unique?  My hair color definitely makes me unique. But what makes me truly unique is the odd combination of my physical features (red hair, dark brown eyes, my skin complexion, full lips). My strongest features include my hair and my lips.

What genres are you interested in or most like? I typically like almost all the genres as long as they’re tasteful. My genre of preference is fashion because I’m very into fashion and there is always art portrayed in the images which makes it interesting and fun.

What was the most exciting/interesting/memorable shoot or video you did? One of the most interesting shoots took place in October of last year. My friend, Jen Alvarez (experienced photographer), and I had a photoshoot at the Coral Gables Cemetery in South Florida; was definitely an adventure.

You are into many interesting activities. Tell us more about your hobbies and interests. My hobbies consist of parkour /freerunning, longboarding, surfing, going to the beach, training MMA, working out, and cooking.

Anthony Escoboza 2

Who or what influenced you to start parkour? Do you compete in competitions or any events? My first true encounter to parkour was in my freshman year of college. I seen a group of guys doing flips off of trees and on the grass; it got my attention and struck my curiosity. I ended up meeting them and training with them; as soon as I got started, I was hooked. I currently don’t compete, but would like to in the future.

What do you do to stay fit for parkour? I do various exercises/activities to stay fit for parkour. I focus on a lot of calisthenics and weight lifting at the gym. Also, MMA training, longboarding, running, and playing various sports help me stay in shape for parkour.

Anthony Escoboza 3What else do you do to stay toned, fit, and so attractive? For example, do you have any interesting eating habits? Besides the physical activities mentioned in the previous question, I do keep a healthy balanced eating lifestyle. In addition, I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen practically everywhere to protect my skin.

What is your favorite country or place you have visited? Why? So far, my favorite place I’ve visited was the Dominican Republic. I’ve had such great memories throughout my childhood of visiting the country. The culture and the people are amazing, there’s always something fun to do, and the sightseeing is stunning. Oh, and of course , the food is delicious!

Imagine, you have only one option to choose: to live in a big city or to move to a beautiful isolated island. What would you choose? Why? Depends on which point in my life I am in. As of now, I’d choose the big city because I would like to be around people so I can learn and grow as a person. Furthermore, I’d have more fun being able to party and socialize with a vast amount of people.

 Anthony, where can modeling industry professionals find your portfolio? I have modeling page on Facebook under: “Anthony Escoboza Modeling“. I’m on Model Mayhem as Anthony Paparachi. But, I am most active on Instagram; one may find most of my work on there, follow me anthony_escoboza. You may find my portfolio on these social networks.

Your favorite quote or motto? Be true to yourself.

Thank you, Anthony.

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