Interview with Model Aleksandra Pieczek (Pie)

“…great photoshoot cannot happen without good contact between people working for it.”

Aleksandra, would you please introduce yourself to our readers, when did you start modeling and how? My name is Aleksandra, I’m 23, I’m a student of tourism and recreation in Poland. I’ve started my adventure with modeling about 2,5 years ago, my old friend told me that I should try it, so I did it – I added myself to many Facebook groups. I don’t belong to any agency, I am just working hard for myself.

What surprised you about the modeling when you first got into it? The most surprising for me was that it is really hard to work with great photographers, if you don’t have a good start, polaroids, and portfolio. Another surprising thing was that the world is small, and everybody knows each other.

How has modeling experience changed your personal life/you as a person? Modeling experiences made me more confident, I don’t have problem with meeting new people, work with them even if I know them only one day or few minutes. It’s my passion, so now I can do more and more than sitting at home and be bored. Meeting new people is really great thing, especially when I am making miracles with them !

Do you feel people act different around you since you’ve become a model? Unfortunately, yes… Now I don’t care about it, but first they couldn’t believe in me and the fact that I would be a photomodel. Then some of them stopped talk with me, because they thought I became selfish. Of course it’s not truth.

How would you describe yourself as a model in couple of sentences? For sure, I’m doing my best, for example going into cold water, lying on the dirty ground, unnatural poses etc. Otherwise I have many faces, when I’m posing. I’m talkative person, sociable, I’m trying not to be late. For me great photoshoot cannot happen without good contact between people working for it.

What do you find the most challenging part about working in the modeling industry? It is hard to find only one thing. For sure, posing in hard conditions. Windy weather is great for hair, but not for my health. I remember posing under water was really hard, because I needed to take a long breathe, looking good and of course changing poses all the time.

What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about being a model? I love to travel to many different places, which I haven’t seen before, and meeting people, who love the same things I love. Taking new photos, making my portfolio bigger and bigger and have great memories – there are many things, which I love in this profession.

Have you had anything funny, embarrassing or completely out of the ordinary happen during your modeling career? Yes, once I was scared about one photo session with man, which I hadn’t known before – I thought he would make something bad to me. Fortunately, I was not alone there. Make-up artist stayed with me, so I felt comfortable and safely.

How do you keep your confidence up? What motivates you? I am happy, when I get compliments from many people, who appreciate my work, beauty, and posing – it’s building and it makes me want to do it better and better.

I have changed so many things in my life and my beauty, so when I hear good words about me, I want to work all the time. Besides, when I care about myself – my body and beauty, I feel more confident.

What do you do to prepare for a shoot? Any little rituals for luck beforehand? I wash my hair, prepare clothes for photo session, my skin, and of course I try to sleep as long, as I can. I’m trying no to eat carbohydrates before it, because I want my belly to be flat.

Can you name a project or single work that you have participated in that has resonated with you the most emotionally? I think it’s hard to point only one project, because I always do my best. For example, when I was beginning my adventure with photomodeling, I remember my first photo session with a photographer Iwona Wojtowicz – she aroused my respect and I really admire her till today. When I care about a photo session, I can do a lot of crazy things, like going into cold water or posing in icy conditions and strange places.

Who are some models you look up to and adore? Why? It depends if you mean Polish or foreign models. From foreign models I adore Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr the most. Lately I started following Bridget Satterlee too.
I like them, because they’re just naturally beautiful and they don’t need any plastic surgery to achieve successes.

Aleksandra, what is something you haven’t achieved but hope to? If you could have your next dream job, what would it be? I am not a demanding person, so there aren’t concrete things I hope about. I know I’ll never be a top model, because I don’t have appropriate measurements like height, so I am at peace with it. Anyway I know if I want to achieve something possible, I have to fight for it. I dream about billboard, any publication in printed magazine and cover, otherwise lookbook in global brand as H&M, New Yorker etc. Hope to achieve although one of those goals.

What tips can you recommend to models looking to expand their portfolio? For sure I can recommend them to take good polaroids with good photographers and always check their authenticity, content of their portfolios and references from other models.

What do you look for in photographers that you would do trade with? In photographers I am looking for good quality, interesting climate of portfolio and many references that show that they are nice and normal people.

What are your thoughts around social media in modern civilization? What role does it play in your modeling career? In my mind social media are relevant in promoting our images. They help us getting jobs and make us more visible on internet which nowadays is very important.

In my case, I became more recognizable, I’m getting more jobs as a photomodel, and I established new and useful contacts.

Do you feel Photoshop has created a skewed perception of the ideal body image? Unfortunately, yes. Thousand of girls are trying to be as cover models, because they’re thinking it’s possible to have a body and beauty like these girls. It’s sad, that girls look different in reality than in magazines.

What do you want to do after modeling? I thought about animation of free time or trying my best as a dietician. Now it is really hard to say, because most of our plans are changing all the time. Anyway I hope to be a photomodel as long as I can.

Where can our readers get connected with you? You can find me on Maxmodels and Instagram – my nick is Yaomi93. Unfortunately, I don’t have my fanpage yet, but I think about create my website soon.

When you are not doing shoots/booking work, what can people expect to find you doing? They can find me with my friends, boyfriend or at home, where I love to rest with music, draw or reading interesting books. Except that I like to move a lot, so you can find me at the swimming pool or riding on a bicycle.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you want to go? There are many places I would love to travel to. I dream about traveling to Paris and Caribbean. Lately I’ve visited Tenerife and I fell in love with this place. Honestly, I will comeback there again.

Please tell one surprising fact about yourself. Before I became a photomodel, I lost 13 kg, and my metamorphosis was distinguished by Daily Mail. After that I started my career.

Thank you, Aleksandra.

Published in 2016 December Volume I: BUY NOW

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