Interview with French Model Gaby Guha

Happy to have you here, Gaby. Tell us your story, how did you get started modeling and where is your home at the moment? Hello Sheeba Magazine team, it’s a pleasure to be in your next issue. I’m Gaby Guha, an international model from France and pageant titleholder.

I’ve started my career at 17 years-old after being signed up in an agency from my hometown in the South of France. This agency encouraged me to move to Paris. Then, my career took off, I’ve have flew to Asia for my first international agency contract, when I was 18 years-old. Since I keep traveling between Asia, Middle-East and Europe and I have worked for brands like Chaumet jewellery, Jean Louis David, Saint Algue, GAP, Bossini, Triumph Lingerie… made look-books, e-commerce shoots, several magazine cover shoots, editorials and interviews (Prestige Magazine, ICON magazine, Lui Magazine, etc…).

In 2018, I got the title of “Miss Supermodel Worldwide France 2019”. I represented France on the finale of Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2019 and put France in the Top 5 over 45 other countries representatives. I have made 2nd Runner-up, and received the “Fashion Icon Award”.

Due to my pageant results in 2018, I have been selected by Miss Europe Continental Organisation to represent Monaco on their next edition.

model gaby guha

What are your favorite things about modeling? I love being surrounded by creativity, hard worker and artistic people in the same time. Modeling is a nice platform for the future and give nice opportunities.

What is the most challenging being a model? For being a good model or a good pageant girl it’s important to be patient, hard working, flexible and easy-going. You must always care about your beauty, alimentation and daily routine (skincare, sport, good sleep).

If you could change something in modeling world, what would it be? In modeling I would not change so many things because it’s already a good opportunity. When you go into a job you have to accept the good sides and the bad sides. May be I would love to add even more diversity because diversity is beautiful and fantastic.

What was your first job as a model? How did it feel? My first job as model was a magazine shoot, it was good and fun.

You hold a title of Miss Supermodel Worldwide France 2019, then you made 2nd runner-up in the contest Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2019, and you receive the “Fashion Icon Award”. In what ways has your modeling/life changed since being crowned? I had a lot of opportunities for my evolution in the fashion industry. Press, medias and brands are more interested about me.

Also, I got noticed by sponsors, pageant coaches and new organizations because I did my training by myself, I was also alone on the pageant doing everything by my own. It was my first beauty contest and I made it to the top. My agents are proud of my work.

You are also involved in acting. What is it like to be on video set? Does having modeling experience help in acting? I have working on video for Fashion TV (Asia), and French TV channel like Canal + (What the Fuck France?) and M6 (Les reines du Dressing). It was nice experiences, I am still open to new opportunities but I don’t see myself as an actress, I prefer work on media. For example working as fashion insider for a magazine or Fashion TV host.

Modeling helps you because you are not afraid of camera anymore, but honestly this is totally different. I have to learn to have my own opinion, and being outspoken, open to people.

interview iwth model gaby guha

Share your wildest photo-shoot/modeling story. My wildest shoot was in the Abu Dhabi desert for an editorial shoot. It was so nice but really hot in the same time and car of the team gets stuck in the sand for few hours.

One day I made a look-book for some traditional Indian clothes in the middle of a natural resort. It took so long, and so many mosquitos came to bite me everywhere, literally in the middle of my front head.

Gaby, what do you usually look for in photographers that you would do trade-shoot with? I am interested in their post-production work of the photograps. It’s really important to me to have clean work.

You have a beautiful portfolio and you have worked on so many projects as a model. Which of the projects you have worked on left the biggest footprint in your modeling experience so far? This year I made many cover shoots it was nice, and surprising. Otherwise my shoot for Chaumet jewelry was important to me. I have many more projects for this year coming soon.

What is the beauty trick you do before a photo-shoot? Good sleep, sport, eating light food, drink a lot of water, good skincare, and waxing are important. If you are tired sheet mask helps a lot.

What are your thoughts about beauty products made of organic ingredients? Do you have any natural beauty products in your kit? I use coconut oil a lot, all natural oil are really good. Even when you need to remove strong makeup or hydrate your skin.

intweview with gaby guha

When models say they eat healthy, what do they mean by that? Personally I take care of my diet a lot by eating veggies, raw food.

I am also gluten-free, and sugar-Free as much as possible but this is my diet, everyone is not the same and have different type of diet.

Is there somebody you are fascinated about or you would like to work with in the future? I really respect the work of Olivia Culpo, Alexa Chung, Chrissy Teigen, Valentina from Ru Paul dragrace, Zendaya, Shay Mitchell, and many more fashion figures…

What would be your advice to models on getting more followers/attention on social media? I think having an organized Instagram feed is important, find a social niche, colors organization, daily interesting content is also a plus. A lot of brands organize social influencer events now.

Where can we follow you? You can follow on my Instagram: @gabyguha. My Facebook page: Gaby GUHA.

What kind of life would you like to have? I am passionate about Fashion, after modeling I see myself working in Fashion Media or as Fashion TV host. I’m always really happy of what I got, I am a positive person and hard worker. I want a build a family, make proud my parents and enjoy my life as much as possible in love and respect.

Who or what are you inspired by, professionally or in life in general? For fashion I am inspired by vintage couture collection and old supermodels, previous editorial shoots from Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar etc.

My style is mostly elegant and fashionable. I try also a get inspired by the work of the girls who made it recently around me to progress even more. It is always nice to have some tips.

For pageant I got my inspiration from Latin countries, Philippines, Vietnam, because those candidates are just born ready. It is impressive. It helps me to grow a lot in my pageant training, and go in the right direction.

interview with model gaby guha

Besides fashion, what else are you passionate about? What are your hobbies? Besides fashion I’m doing a lot of sport, I love to cook healthy dishes from the south of France. I learned to cook with my grandmother.

I like animals, I have a baby dog, his name is Oslo. He is the sweetest thing on earth.

If you could change something on the planet, what would it be? I would like to stop violence and bullying on children, especially on girls. Not only physical violence but all type of abuses. I really like kids, they are so sensitive. I don’t understand how someone can be bad or unconscious to a child.

What would be your 3 health-wellness-beauty tips for young women? A young woman should wash her face often, use deep moisturizing products, caffeine and vitamin C.

Tell something surprising about yourself. I’m really girly but in my personality I am boyish, simple and not a diva at all, even if I look like one.

My favorite things on earth are traditional Thai massage, hot dogs, Truffle pasta, sashimi, big black americano coffees. More I drink coffee, more I am happy…

Thank you, Gaby.

Published June 2019 Vol I: BUY NOW