Interview with Hair and Makeup Artist Sebastian Hull

“The entertainment business would not be possible without the makeup artists.”

2015 Male Issue Abhik Kar1smallSebastian, where are you based and what brought you to beauty industry? I am based in Atlanta, Georgia and I own Sebastian Salon in Athens, GA.

What fascinates and motivates you most in your work?  I am most fascinated with the art of transformation. I am motivated by the constantly changing trends in the industry and the opportunities to show my creativity.

What are the biggest challenges being a makeup artist? The biggest challenges in being a makeup artist finding your own lane. The freelance makeup artist lane is flooded. Also, there are so many people who have not taken the time to receive the formal training and I truly believe in education. I want to be the best at what I do and have the knowledge to back it up.

Give us more detail about your reality show “For The Love of Makeup”. How did you come up with this idea? I came up with the idea of the show because I know that there are so many untold stories of makeup artists. We are currently in the production phase.

Where does your inspiration come from? I am inspired by art and also inspiration lives inside of me. There are so many times that I am allowed to be creative and I don’t begin with a specific plan, I let my brushes do the talking.

In your opinion what role makeup plays at present time? Why it is so important and even influential tool?  In my opinion, the entertainment business would not be possible without the makeup artists and behind the scenes professionals that make it happen. The looks that people become obsessed with and try to duplicate are created by makeup artists.

2015 Male Issue Abhik Kar2 sebastian hull

Sebastian, what is the secret of perfect makeup? The secret to perfect makeup is education. Knowing the appropriate treatments for each face is a non-negotiable.

Tell us differences between male and female makeup please. As the world continues to embrace androgyny, the differences between male and female makeup becomes a preference. Also, the treatment still drives the makeup application. If I am doing makeup for a male for TV or film, my goal is always to emphasize their best features. The same is true for a female, however highlighting and contouring is a key factor.

2015 Male Issue Abhik Kar3small sebastian hull

What are your most favorite brushes? Why? I don’t have a favorite set of brushes, I actually use a variety. However, I always like to make sure that the brushes are of good quality and feel good to the faces that I work on. The comfort of my clients is just as important as precision.

…and makeup products you cannot survive without as a makeup artist? Ben Nye Highlighting Powder.

sheeba magazine 2015 Male Issue Abhik Kar sebastian hull

Where can fashion industry professionals see more of your works? All facebook: Sebastian Hull My work will be displayed in an upcoming documentary “I AM”. -Several publications

Describe yourself in three words please. Creative. Professional. Driven.

Your life motto? Do everything with integrity.

Thank you, Sebastian.

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