Interview with Makeup Artist Reena Thind

“Makeup is there simply to enhance an individual’s existing beauty.”

Reena, tell us more about yourself and how did you discover a love for makeup? Well, where do I start? It’s only been two years, but the beauty industry has been extra good to me. My love for makeup however has been around much longer and this love is what has got me to where I am now. It all started in my teen years, when I was 14 years of age, I discovered makeup on the front of a magazine. Although this wasn’t the real deal, it was still all very exciting. Makeup is something I am very passionate about, and this passion has grown over the years. Growing up I was surrounded with magazines, as my dad owned a newsagent, there was not a day I would go without browsing one. It wasn’t the gossip inside these magazines that attracted me it was the beauty and fashion pages that kept my interest. Personally I believe that magazines are very influential, and it definitely played a part towards my love for makeup. In the last two years, I have grown as an artist and an individual.

How has beauty industry experience changed your personal/professional life? Working in the beauty industry is not as easy as it seems, or shall I say looks. Working in the beauty industry requires a lot of time, effort and patience. Over the two years, I have discovered how much of a perfectionist I have become. When I go to start a new project, I have realized it takes me twice as long to complete it; I’m sure many artists have come to know this.

Working in this industry is challenging, and this challenges my artistic skills. There is never an end to how artistic you can get in a creative shoot.

In terms if my personal life, as I specialize in Bridal Makeup more in Asian Bridal Makeup. My working hours are unsociable. However, in time you overcome this and you realize that it’s worth it when you enjoy what you do.

What do you love most about doing makeup? This is a really hard question to answer! There are many things that I love about doing makeup. Makeup is indefinite, makeup has many possibilities, with makeup anything is possible. I have to admit, it took me some time to step out of my comfort zone and use different colors, to be specific bright colors; but when I did, there was no stopping me.

Most importantly, it’s rewarding. It is forever rewarding when clients are in awe with the look that I have created for them on their special occasion. Nothing can beat the feeling of making someone feel and look beautiful. Doing makeup will forever be rewarding.

What is your beauty philosophy? Does everyone look better with make-up? I strongly believe in natural beauty. I believe that behind every face there is individuality, which becomes evident from client to client. Beauty comes from within, and everyone has a different way of portraying this. Makeup is there simply to enhance an individual’s existing beauty. There are so many things you can do with makeup, play, enjoy it and have fun with it.

How would you describe your makeup style and what sets you apart from other makeup artists? What would you say is your specialty in this field? As an artist, I am an individual, and as an individual my style differs widely from other artists. I apply makeup to suit one facial features and to fit their personality. My favorite and the most classic style of makeup look that I like creating is a flawless finish, complemented with neutral colours on the eyes, set of false lashes and a golden summer bronzed look. This would always be my go to look for any event. It’s simple, clean, sophisticated and elegant.

The current field that I specialise in, like I have mentioned before is bridal and fashion makeup. However, recently I have been exploring my creative side and playing around with colours. This was so I could add some variation to my portfolio. As an artist it is important that you show case a variety of images in your portfolio so it can define the artist you are.

How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? Where do you find your inspiration for your makeup looks? There are a variety of different sources I use to keep up to date with new trends and styles. One of the main sources I use for inspiration are magazines, such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue India and Look. These magazines are my favourite and keep me updated with the current or upcoming trends.

When I am looking for inspiration, especially for upcoming photoshoots. I widely use the internet, Instagram and one of my favourite places has to be Pinterest. Pinterest has such amazing inspiration; I could spend endless hours searching.

What are your secrets for gorgeous skin? Would you have any tips for maintaining a youthful appearance and keeping your skin routine simple? It is very important to look after your skin. My secret to gorgeous skin is your skin care routine. I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do it is a must that it all comes off by the time I hit the pillow. Overnight, it is very important that you let your skin breathe. Having beautiful skin is one of the most attractive indicator of beauty and youth.

Here are a few pointers on how to keep your skin looking youthful. First of all, make sure you include a lot of water in your diet (I myself struggle to keep hydrated). With a busy schedule, I keep my skin care routine very simple. The first thing I do is exfoliate my skin every two days, I do love a good face mask so I apply one twice a week, which is usually on the days that I exfoliate.

At night, before I hit the pillow I cleanse my face thoroughly with Bioderma Cleanser or Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. These two products are great to ensure all your makeup is thoroughly removed. After this, I go to my favourite moisturizer, Emroylisse. I discovered this moisturizer when I started my career as a makeup artist, and I have been using this ever since. Embroylisse is the perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin. What also makes it a good product to have is that it has 3 qualities, not only does it moisturize; It also acts as a primer and also a gentle makeup remover. How awesome is that!!!

Quick and easy steps to look more glamorous? Oooo… a cat eye winged liner paired with a classic red lip. Artificial strip lashes are a must, bronzed up cheeks and finish the look with highlighter.

Can you name some of your favorite makeup/hair products to use? And…what is one makeup product you use every season and for every trend? Hmmm, I have so many favourite products. But to name a few, I love Nars All Day Luminouse Foundation; it’s so weightless but gives you such a weightless finish. At the moment I am obsessed with the Too Faced (Soleil chocolate bronzer) Bronzer. I use this product for contouring and love love love how it smells of chocolate. For my brows, my go to product is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz. It is one of the best brow products I have come across in the last few years. With this product you can create different looks on the brows, from a natural and more soft brow to a strong and defined brow.

To finish off, as the list can go on and on. It has to be my Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen, which allows me to create the perfect feline flick every time.

Where do you use illuminating products? Illuminating products have been hitting major craze on social media for some time now. Illuminating products help to highlight your best features. As an artist I think it’s one of the best products around. It helps to create that perfect glow on my clients and of course myself.

So where do you use illuminating products? Well… that would be telling! Haha… highlighting products are used to highlight facial features. For example, it helps to create an illusion of a thinner nose by applying it down the bridge of the nose and prominent cheekbones by applying highlighter to the cheekbones. To make this a little simple, you would apply highlighter to the areas that the natural light hits, this will enhance those areas.

What is the best way to apply your lipstick? Whenever you apply makeup, you always want a smooth canvas to work with to ensure that the makeup lasts the whole day, this would also apply to the lips. Who wants to keep reapplying lipstick throughout the day? To start with, before you get your face on you should exfoliate your lips to get rid of all the dry skin, then apply lip balm. You would then go ahead and start on the face as by the time you would get to lips the product would have sunken in.

When you start, you would choose a lip liner in the same shade as the lipstick you are going to apply. You would begin with lining and then using the same pencil to fill your lips in with. Then get your lipstick, and apply this with a lip brush, blot and then re-apply.

What is your mental checklist before applying a makeup? My checklist includes: (1) cleaning my face, (2) applying moisturizer, (3) conceal under the eyes which would also act as my base. (4) apply foundation with a stippling brush (5) powder to seal (6) brows (7) eyeliner, mascara and lashes (8) bronzer (9) highlighter (10) Lipstick.

In your opinion, what are common mistakes you see women make on their makeup? The most common mistakes have to be overdrawn brows. Working in this industry has lead me to look at people’s brows, I feel that brows are the most important feature on your face. Brows frame your face. Since the brow craze started, woman is using the wrong products and applying their brows strongly. Although the craze is not so much, and the natural brows are back; people are still doing this. IT MUST STOP!!!

Reena, what is the most exciting or challenging opportunity you have had as a freelance artist? My most exciting project was when I was working as the head Make Up Artist on a recent music video for Frisco (Boy Better Know) ‘Garn Again’. It would have to be the proudest moment of my career, and this made me feel that anything is achievable. If you want it, then work hard for it.

Do you have a muse who inspires you? I love Tamanna Roashan (Dress Your Face). Her work is amazing, no words can describe how flawless, unique and creative her work is. What inspires me even more about her is that she has literally built an empire for herself, and I know this is something that I would like to achieve. Anything is possible when you have the drive for it, and again it comes down to the passion you have.

What role does social media play in your makeup business? How did it help you to grow? Social media plays an important part in my business, definitely. I use Facebook and Instagram to advertise my business. Majority of my clientele comes from social media sites and I am very grateful for how social median is so influential.

From your point of view, what do you think are some of the keys to being a successful makeup From your point of view, what do you think are some of the keys to being a successful makeup artist? There are many key points you require to be a successful makeup artist. The main key point to it is that you require a lot of patience. When working with clients, they are all different, and very much have different needs and attitudes. Attending to these attributes require a lot of patience.

Secondly, its knowledge. You must have enough knowledge in this field, as it will always make you better at what you do. This is for any type of job; however it will always end up leading you to success.

Thirdly, it’s passion. If you didn’t have passion for makeup, it would drive you to push yourself. Passion is something that pushes you to success, it helps you stay motivated and focus on the positive side of things. I am sure there are a few other key points, but I believe that these three points play a great part in becoming a successful Make Up Artist.

What are your future ambitions? My ambitions as an artist would be to become recognized worldwide for the work I do. I would love to travel worldwide to beautify women, it would be the best feeling ever. Most importantly, it is building my own empire, having my own makeup training academy. I’m sure if my passion for makeup grows, these ambitions will be accomplished.

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you? I am a London Based Make Up Artist (travel nationwide).



Describe your perfect day. My perfect day would be doing makeup all day for fashion photography. Need I say more? I love getting creative for photoshoots.

What is one thing that anyone can do to be their most beautiful selves? Confidence. Confidence is something I personally lack in myself, however it has got better over the years. I strongly believe that confidence is the key to being your most beautiful self.

Please tell one fact about yourself that our readers may find surprising. I have another passion, BAKING. I love baking for my family and friends, I get so much satisfaction when people enjoy my cakes and pay compliments.

Thank you for having me, Sheeba.

Thank you, Reena.

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