Makeup Artist Jade Rodriquez: Real Beauty is Something You Can’t Catch with a Camera

“My thing is makeup, definitely. I like to create a universe, an atmosphere and when I begin to work with the photographer and model, I like when the result is not what was expected” – makeup artist Jade Rodriquez

2016 November Vol I. Makeup by Jade Rodriguez

Jade, can you please briefly introduce yourself. How your interest in beauty industry has sparked? So I’m 25 years old and I live in the city of Lyon (France). I love to travel, to create and work with different people. Since I was a child, I was always looking at magazines in my room, it was full of beauty pictures and I was drawing all the time. My real interest in makeup art and beauty industry became not a long time ago, I was 22 year’s old when I began my makeup school, and it was a revelation.

How has beauty industry experience changed your personal life or you as a person? 
Hmm, I don’t think I changed a lot, but maybe my perception of beauty has changed. I can see that people are more comfortable with themselves, they can play a role or just forget their inferiority complex. I know how to advise people and soothe. I discovered a part of me that takes care of people.

You regularly work with some of the most beautiful women. How does that shape your definition of beauty? 
For me, modeling is a real job. It is very difficult to adopt the right attitude at the right time. Ok, sometimes I am fascinated by models I work with, but for me the real beauty is not on pictures. Real beauty is something you can’t catch with a camera. We call that charm.

What other professional services makeup artist Jade Rodriquez offer to her clientele? What would you say is your specialty in this field? Do you have a team?
 I do some hair styling, I love that but I am not so confident, I need more practice. My thing is makeup, definitely. I like to create a universe, an atmosphere and when I begin to work with the photographer and model, I like when the result is not what was expected. So, yes I have a team, every time I work, with different people, because a makeup without photographer or model is nothing.

Do you like creating really out-there looks, or do you prefer something classically beautiful? Why? Yes, what I prefer is artistic beauty, so I like when it is not conventional stuff. I also like when a bride asks me for something very specific she saw on a picture. It is a challenge to give her what she really wants and apply perfectly to her morphology.

How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? What are your sources of inspiration? I spend part of my time on Pinterest, Facebook and other similar websites. I do some research, I like to see tutorials of other makeup artists on Youtube and I try to have my own style but it is quite difficult. I think everyone inspire everyone. You have to discover your personal touch.

As a makeup artist, you must be ahead of the curb when it comes to fall-winter beauty trends. What are some of your favorite looks for the season? I try to imagine what has never been done, fashion returns back every time, so it is nice to mix different styles to have a new style.

What are some makeup products that you can’t live without in your kit? Why? My favorite brand is Make Up For Ever because I am used to it but I should try something else! I think they have all you need as products, different colors and good quality.

Why is having a makeup artist essential to a photographer? What can you provide to help a photographer’s images stand out? It is good for a photographer to have a makeup artist in his team as photographer wants a perfect skin and doesn’t want to do much in postproduction, retouch. It depends on what the photographers wants, something very natural or not. Makeup adds something to a photography, a know-how and a finish. The atmosphere of the lights and scene can be found in the makeup with colors and textures. That is why osmosis between makeup artist and photographer is so important.

In your opinion, why is shooting for camera and lights, different then everyday makeup? Be in front of a camera and you can play a role, you can be anyone. But in your everyday life, it’s good to look like you! It depends on your personality.

If you turn up at a show/shoot and the model has terrible skin, what do makeup artist Jade Rodriquez do? I do my best to hide imperfections but most important is to keep the person very comfortable with herself/himself. Sometimes you have to be calm and don’t show the difficulties that you have to overcome. The relation between makeup artist and model is very important, sometimes I feel like a mirror.

What are your tips for maintaining a youthful appearance? Hmm, I don’t really think that youthful appearance is the most important thing, you just have to be yourself and in agreement with yourself to be beautiful.

What is the most exciting or challenging opportunity you have had as a freelance artist? What’s the project you are most proud of? The most exciting and challenging opportunity I had in my makeup artist’s life is to participate in a contest of body painting international in Paris (WB production). It was very difficult because it was my fourth body painting only and in front of me, there were some really talented people who make it their life. But it was a good experience.

Hmm, the project I am most proud of is that I finished first in my class. I had no concept in makeup before starting, I was in an art faculty after high school. I turned to makeup because I was curious and had no other idea what I could do. It was a very difficult year but I worked a lot. I pushed my limits and I very happy now.

Can you name someone you would like to get in your chair that you haven’t worked with yet? Do you have your icons? Haha, I miss so much experience to answer this question ! I hope I will work with famous people one day but it is not my first objective. I want to do a great job with everyone! But yes, I would like to work with Johnny Depp because he is great in all his roles and I think is a very interesting person. I would also like to work with Cara Delevingne, Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz, because they are very beautiful. I would like to makeup Yolandi Visser because I love her very offbeat style or maybe Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj because I am sure they would like something very eccentric…

What level of importance do you put on continuing education in the makeup industry? When you learn makeup, you need time to make mistakes and bounce on it. You need to practice a lot. So what is important is not what you will do this time, but the progress you made during all your way.

From your own experience, what would you say is the most challenging part of being a freelance makeup artist? The beginning is difficult, because you have to meet a lot of people to be sure that you will have contract. I did a lot of volunteering and I still do. You have to be patient and very motivated. Makeup must be a passion.

Best advice you have ever received? Believe in yourself!

What role does social media play in your job? How do you use it to develop your business? It is very important because my work can be seen in social media. I put my new job every time to show people what I do. And it is nice to read advices from people all around the world.

Where can our readers get connected with makeup artist Jade Rodriquez?

Facebook: Jade Hair / Makeup

Instagram: @jahbudmakeup

What do you love most about doing a makeup? What is most rewarding? I love doing makeup because when I am doing it I forget everything else. This is my passion. I like to work with different people, in different places and never do the same stuff. I love to do something artistic, creative. I love when people ask me ‘who did that?”, that is the most rewarding. It is a true pleasure to surprise people with my work.

Please share something people don’t know about you. Hmm, I did a big travel during for almost a one year right after makeup school. I went to Bolivia and Peru with friends, and later I went to New Zealand to join my ex-boyfriend during 4 months and we went to Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia).

Thank you, Jade.

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