Interview with Makeup Artist Fatin Hasado

“It is a form of Art and you choose how far you want to take it.” – makeup artist Fatin Hasado

makeup artist Fatin Hasado
Makeup by Fatin Hasado

Fatin, tell us more about yourself and how did you discover a love for makeup? My love for Makeup started with I was 16, I bought my very first Mac lipstick (which was in Hue)  and Since then I knew from then on Makeup would be something I would be very passionate about. At School I studied Art and Textiles, being artistic was something I always loved, drawing and painting came very natural as books wasn’t my favourite thing to do. My first experience as a Artist was trailed and tested on my sister, when I started blogging 3/4 years ago. She basically was my guide pig and I used to paint her face as often as I could!  I then decided to do something about it and pursued it as a full time career. It has been 3 years since my passion in the Makeup Industry And I have been published in great Magazines such as Asiana, Disorder, Khush and now Sheeba. I couldn’t ask for more at this moment.

What do you love most about your job, doing makeup? What keeps you excited about it? I love exploring different ways of being creative, going out of my comfort zone and that Make-up has no boundaries. It is a form of Art and you choose how far you want to take it. I also love that feeling you give to a client when they are in shock of the finished look you have created for them. It’s always good knowing you’ve made someone feel more confident.

 What is  your beauty philosophy? I truly believe that Make-up is there as  to enhance what is already there. Remembering why you have become a Artist in the first place, to make a change to others. Being Kind, adventurous and of course wild!!

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists? What would you say is your specialty in this field? At the moment my signature look would have to be the  no makeup – Makeup look, which  I have been kind of obsessing over,  the whole idea of Makeup that appears as if you’re wearing nothing.  what sets me apart from other Artists would be ,I’m not afraid to change or challenge my self., as a Artist. You can see from my work it has a variation, Style and beauty. I currently mainly specialize in Bridal, but pushing more towards the editorial side, as it pushes me to be more creative.

What other professional services do you offer to your clientele? As a advantage I can also offer a separate service as I specialize in hair, this would mean I can create different hairstyles to cater to all.

What do you think are some of the keys to being a successful makeup artist? I think the main key to being a successful artist would be three things: passion, patience and training. You have to be totally passionate about being an artist or you will soon get completely bored. Patience simply because , at times the request from clients can be demanding and knowing how to handle your self in each situation is very important. Training is something everyone should do, as it expands your knowledge and can help you to become a better artist within the field.

How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? What are your sources of inspiration? I tend to use many different sources to see how I can keep up with the trends, such as Instagram, Magazines and the internet in general. I think its great that fashion shows are the best sources for inspiration , they are always looking to showcase next seasons so they are a step ahead, this being such as Givenchy with its quirky beauty styles on the runway, never fails to bring something new to the table.

 What hair and makeup looks are currently trending for brides? The trends for brides are the moment I have found is old school glamour, flicked liner that is slightly smoked out and of course with a classic bridal bun.

makeup artist Fatin Hasado
Makeup by Fatin Hasado

Do you have a beauty muse or icon who inspires you? If you could have any famous makeup artist as your mentor for a day, who would it be and why? I totally love Pat McGrath, her works is completely flawless! She is my icon. No matter what she does and creates , it always turns out to be iconic. Did I say she’s my icon?! I couldn’t choose anyone else other than Pat McGrath, I would want to know how she comes up with her concepts, what her inspiration is and what her makeup routine would be. It would be totally awesome.

Is there anything you’d like to do in the future? Someone you’d like to work with or something you’d like to accomplish? I would love to do a under water photoshoot, something I haven’t been able to do, but would be very interesting creatively. I would love tow work with Jake Hicks, who is an amazing photographer! his work speaks for it self .Yes, there are lots of things I would like to accomplish, the first thing would be to have more recognition for my work nationwide and hopefully one day to be international, Either one would be a comet accomplishment.

interview makeup artist Fatin Hasado
Makeup by Fatin Hasado

What has been your favorite or most exciting work experience thus far? My most exciting experience was working for Disorder magazine, I got to experience my very first location shoot and it was with non other than Tanika Gram , who’s is a upcoming artist. That complete opened my eyes to what can be achieved.

What challenges do you face as a makeup when working with models/clients? Tantrums, divas and rudeness. Some models can seem over powering and even though you have hired them for the “job” not many are willing to look a certain way. Even if the idea you want, you like it, they always seem to drop a comment. I can honestly say I have had more challenges with models than I have with clients.

 What’s the hardest thing about being your own boss that isn’t obvious? Maintaining your reputation. I think you’re having to promote yourself in many ways, people are always watching to see what you do next and how you do it. Maintaining that positively is the key. But it can be very hard as you are doing it all alone at times, if not most of the time.

If we took a peek in your makeup kit what would we see? Can you name some of your favorite products to use? You would be there for a long time!! This is a tough one for sure! My favourite foundation at the moment is Chraroltt Tilbury’s Magic foundation, leaves you with a flawless finish.

My Trusted Bobby Brown BBU palette, I have had for under a year and it’s almost gone (I use this to conceal and contour). I love my Becca Cosmetics Highlighter in champagne pop. My Anastasia Beverly Hills pomades for the brows. I could go on!

What are your secrets for gorgeous skin? Would you have any tips for maintaining a youthful appearance? How do you keep your routine simple? I think diet and keeping hydrated is so important. This helps to give you a healthy glow and avoid future wrinkles!  For me I know when I drink fizzy drinks I come out with small pimples, so diet is very important. I would say allow your self 15 minutes in the morning and evening to pamper yourself. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. You can’t expect beauty skin when you don’t look after it.

makeup artist Fatin Hasado

What are common mistakes you see women make on their makeup? Heavy caked on makeup, very dark over-drawn eyebrows, no eyeshadow blending, Cracked matte lips! I loved the bronzed look but that highlighter that some people add is brighter than the sun, it just looks ridiculous!

What role does social media play in your career? Do you feel social media has helped your career? Social media plays a major part in my career , it helps others to network with me, build up a social circle of other artists as well as brands to work with for future projects and in general. Social media has boosted my career for sure, I feel like people are able to see my work and what I can create. Instagram being one of the biggest social platforms has helped for sure. How else can you connect with others?

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you? I have a website which is under www.fatinhasado.net , social sites such as Facebook Fatin Hasado MUA.

You look like a model but you are a makeup artist, do photographers ask you to get in front of their lenses? I have tried it once and I was horrified. Oh Gosh, if only I did look like a model, I would do it all! Sheeba, you are too kind! I have tried it once , just testing and the results were not good. Being pretty and photogenic are two complete different things, I’ve come to terms with.

Interview featureHow has beauty industry experience changed your personal/professional life? Throughout the years I have noticed the change in my personal life, I remember once when I rocked the Amy Winehouse thick liner for many years and that alone was something to remember, how Beauty has evolved so much, but we still tend to re-live old styles which is great. It has helped me evolve and learn through out the years.

What superpower do you wish you had? Why? This is an easy one. My super power would have to be the ability to fly. I could be shooting anywhere at anytime and it wouldn’t be a limitation.

How do you spend your time when you are not working? I am Married with 2 children, so I tend to spend my time driving them crazy! Quality time at home and keeping it all balanced is something I strive to do.

Please tell one fact about yourself that our readers may find surprising. I am Assyrian, and apparently we created make-up… But we do say we have created most things!

 Thank you, Fatin.

Published in 2016 June Volume III: BUY NOW

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