Cover Story. Interview with Health and Fitness Entrepreneur Wes Myron

“I almost fear I wont have enough time in my life to try all the different things I would like to do and accomplish.” – Wes Myron, Health & Fitness Entrepreneur

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2019 Feb/March

Lovely to have you here, Wes. How would you introduce yourself to our readers? Hey, Wes Myron here! Thank you for having me. I am a 26 year old ex professional hockey player residing in Victoria, BC, Canada. I currently model and run my health and lifestyle business.

Tells us a bit about you and ice hockey. What do you feel you got out of such an experience? I learned to skate at 3 years old, so for the majority of my life hockey was everything for me. It was my reason to get up and go to bed. It taught me everything about hard work, dedication, leadership and resilience. I also learned how to deal with a variety of personalities and what makes different people tick, and how to carry myself as a professional.

How does the day of fitness & health expert Wes Myron look like? My life isn’t the normal 9-5, but I love it that way. I like the roller coaster of crazy busy days, where things are flying for my business, while I’m also off shooting for a brand. Juggling everything is an adrenaline filled rush that motivates me! Then there will be days where I may not have booked the modeling job I wanted so the rollercoaster has come down and I now have to plan what my next move is and take the down periods as a chance to regroup, get organized and plan ahead. It’s a crazy fun balance!

Who is someone you feel has really influenced you? Why? My parents raised and influenced me to become the person I am today. I am so fortunate to have two amazing people in my life showing me the ropes and what it takes to achieve whatever you are going after. From a very young age I started to see just how hard they work, and have worked, and how they carry themselves daily.

What fuels your imagination and provides you with inspiration? I have a very hard time with settling. I am always looking for something new to try my hand at. I almost fear I wont have enough time in my life to try all the different things I would like to do and accomplish. As a kid I always imagined what my life could be if I were to have a full professional hockey career. Unfortunately injuries and things didn’t allow that to become a reality but I learned so much from that experience and I have a very clear image of what I want out of my life and it inspires me everyday!

Wes Myon Photo: Shawny

In your own eyes, how has modeling experience changed you as a person? What did your learn? For me I never grew up thinking I’d be a model. This career kind of just came out of nowhere from social media. So really, it’s opened my eyes to try new things and never really close any doors or count yourself out.

What keeps you excited about health and fitness? I love health and fitness. I think what keeps me hooked comes from many different places. From the feeling I get when I feel strong, confident and healthy to the fear of losing my body and mind to illness and early ageing. I’m always interested and excited to see what’s new in the industry and get my hands on it and try it out.

What do you find the most challenging part about being a health and lifestyle coach? Is there anything you wish you had known when you first got into the business? One challenging thing about this industry is how quickly it changes and how quickly new ideas pop up and disappear. I knew this when I got into the business, but it’s still a very tough part. I do enjoy this challenge though. It keeps me sharp and on it, to make sure my clients are always getting good information that I have trialed and trust.

What is the most important thing(s) you want potential clients to know about you? I want them to know that my program is built upon the principles that pulled me out of the dark and helped me rebuild my mind and body after my hockey career ended. I want them to know that if they apply themselves to my program they can and will achieve the greatness they see for themselves and if they don’t see that light at the end of the tunnel my program will help them to find it, see it and eventually arrive at it!

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get in touch with you? Instagram: wes.myron, Facebook: Wes Myron Fitness, Model agency: Folio Montreal.

Your “Elite Performance Lifestyle Plan” is based on four building blocks, being “Focus & Motivation”, “Fitness”, “Nutrition” and “Sleep & Recovery”… Shortly explain it. In short, the EPL is all about helping people build a strong foundation so they can go out and live a happy, healthy and successful life! I work with my clients to build this foundation in the four key areas of sleep/recovery, nutrition, fitness and focus/motivation. I give them a personalized and easy to follow plan that they now use to guide them to their goals and ultimately new life success!

Share a little secret from your business kitchen! How does the process of creating a personalized lifestyle plan for a client usually look like? I start by asking my clients a series of standard and personal questions to gain a full insight to where they are at, why they are there and where they want to be! I then build out their 4 building block areas and personalize each one to their every need. I look for potential obstacles they may be facing and try and eliminate them and be as close to a personal trainer as I can without being there!

What would be your tips to a vegan person who wants to gain a healthy weight? Join the Elite Performance Lifestyle, come enjoy our awesome recipes, and let us help you get there!

What foods do you avoid in your personal diet? Why? I avoid the sugary, processed and GMO foods! I listen to my body and eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. If something doesn’t sit right I avoid it and where I can I like to try and eat like a caveman!

What is your favorite healthy snack on a go? And at home? I like making smoothies to take on the road! It’s so easy to throw handfuls of healthy ingredients in, blend them up, and stay energized and at your best on the go!

Your favorite indulgence is…? I’m not a huge foody. I just treat it as fuel and move on. I prefer to celebrate and get together with friends and family and have a drink and enjoy everyone’s stories and company!

What is your advice for people to be happier, healthier and more full of love? Do what makes you happy. You only get one go at life so don’t waste it worrying or stressing over what other people may think. Treat your body right and get your mind healthy too! Enjoy the little things.


Is there somebody you are fascinated about or you would like to work with in the future? Why? Not necessarily someone but I love music and movies and am fascinated by

musicians and actors and would love to see into that world a little more one day!

Imagine you are having a bad day. What do you do to make yourself feel better? I think bad days are obviously just a part of life. I don’t think you need to stress yourself out any further and rush to try and fix it and make yourself feel better. Instead just realize that it’s a bad day, figure out what is making it a bad day, take a step back and see what you can learn from it. It’s okay to have bad days. Everything in life happens for a reason, and you can always find the hidden lessons!


What is something you want less of and more of in your life? It’s tough to do these days, but I would love a little less screen time. I’d love to unplug, shut the laptop and put the phone down a bit more. I want more time. Time to chase after all the crazy goals I have!

Two things that bug you about humans are…? I wish people would settle less and dream bigger! I truly believe that if you get your mind and body into a good place you can achieve amazing things!

If you could have one superpower what would it be? Why? It would be fun to be able to go back in time and apply things you’ve learn to things you came up against in the past!

Tell one surprising fact about you. I absolutely hate spiders!

Thank you, Wes.

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