Interview with Drag Betty Fvck: an Entertainer as a Career and an Artist at Heart

“I am an entertainer as a career and an artist at heart. In whatever I do, I put a lot of effort into it to make it an art piece.” – Drag Betty Fvck

Lovely to have you here, Betty! Tell us the story behind the name Betty Fvck please. How and when did you discover your current talent? Betty is very classy and Fvck is edgy. Betty Fvck is very intriguing. I discovered my talent out of some trauma in life, when I was in such depression, isolation and dramatic issues that I found Drag as a way to channel my inner voice and art.

How would you explain your Drag to someone that has never seen you live before? My Drag is interesting because I am sure that my performance will never let your eyes away from me. I am an entertainer as a career and an artist at heart. In whatever I do, I put a lot of effort into it to make it an art piece.

Who or what are the biggest inspirations for Betty Fvck unique style? Why did you choose Burlesque in particular? Violet Chachki is the starting inspiration of my Drag career and I choose Burlesque because I found it truly beautiful and it reflects a lot about me: Art, Beauty, Body Positivity, and Sensuality.

What are some places you haven’t been yet but would love to perform in? I would like to perform in NYC, I fell in love with Drag during my stay over there in 2015-2016 as I hung out a lot in different drag bars, so I really want to come back but with a different position now – a performing artist.

What is going through your mind when you are modeling in front of the camera and …while performing on the stage? To be on stage and to be in front of a camera is quite different because on stage I have to be very focusing and doing it right to the beat while in front of the camera I can be more relaxed. To be honest, I prefer to be in front of the camera because mistakes can be fixed but on stage there is more pressure. However, in both cases I consider the camera and the audience as my best friends, and as whom I want to impress, seduce or to tell stories.

How long does it usually take you to prepare to perform and what goes into your preparation? I cannot tell how long specifically because each act differs. For example, some acts I can come up in some hours from A to Z but some acts I have worked on for years. The preparation includes a distinguished look for each act, make-up, wig/hair, music, dance and of course the right attitude.

Drag makeup requires a lot of skills! How did you learn to do your makeup? Any special makeup tips to share? Drag make-up is very difficult but very fun to do. I do enjoy the transformation. I actually learnt it by myself from watching many videos and photos from other artists. My tip for anyone who wants to try drag make-up is that Go wild – Do something you have never done to impress people.

Drag Betty Fvck

What are some beauty products Betty Fvck cannot live without every day?Moisturizer is very important to me. It’s very dry and cold where I live so I have to take a lot of care for a good skin. Also, I cannot live without a lip balm/ lipstick – a soft sexy lip is always a weapon of a lady.

What kind of audience members do you usually see at your performances? What can the audience expect from your show? I perform in different venues and my audience may differ but in general my audience are quite queer and very cool people. What they can expect from my show? – A lot of stripping and teasing! Because it’s burlesque!

Share was your funniest moment on the stage please. Once my wig fallen out and I cannot put it back, so I decided to throw it away. But the audience loved it! I actually won a prize for that act because the jury thought that I have the gut, bravery and heart of an artist.

What advice do you have for any young Queens trying to make it on their own like you did? What skills do you think are essential to your craft? There are now a lot of young talents who want to step into Drag and I am very happy about that because Drag should belong to everyone, every style, every talent, culture and gender. The most important skill when one starts to do Drag is to put a strong personality in the character beside the look.

In your opinion, what are the misconceptions attached to the LGBT/Drag Queen communities in general? The misconception is that Drag Queens are trans-gendered women, and this is wrong. I consider that Drag is just a form of performing art and the fact is that a man does cross-dressing does not make him become a trans woman. Drag is just a way of performing art that the artist chooses to cross-dress. A second misconception is that Drag is only for men who want to dress as women. There are in fact many women doing Drag. For me, all Drags are valid, and all styles of Drag should be respected equally.

interview wtih Betty Fvck

What personalities do you admire or would like to be your mentors for one day? I would love to work with some Burlesque legends such as Michelle Lamour, Dirty Martini, Neil ´Nez´ Kendall because I really admire their professionalism and art. They are really wonderful on and off-stage and I wish to work with them more very soon.

Betty, from your point of view, which event was the turning point in your performance career? The Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2017 was the turning point of my career because it showed to me that I was better than I thought, and I could do much more internationally. That was the mindset I learnt from that event – Be confident and be unique.

Where do you hope to see Betty Fvck to take you in the coming years? Absolutely more editorials and more photos to be published. I love to be a model. I also love to see Betty more in some influential and important events in the world, especially in the LGBT+ – related events.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you? Please just follow my Instagram @bettyfvck I upload new content every second day and unique daily stories about my arty life.

When you are not busy performing or modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do? I train a lot: gym, dance, aerial. Those make me feel very good, more energetic and get better physically and mentally.

One thing that bugs you about humans is that…? People tend to judge too early before they start to learn about what is happening.

drag queen betty fvck

How does a typical day in the life of Betty Fvck looks like? I went to school during the day, and gym or training after that. During the night I spend time with my cat and make meals. I am still single, but I love it because I can have a lot of time for myself.

What makes you feel most happy? Doing show internationally and meet many great artists in the world! I have been very lucky to meet and make friends with whom I truly adore and admire.

What would be the message you would like to leave with your fans? Thank you very much for all of your support, messages, chats and sharing! I would never thought that I could one day become some one that others will look up to. I feel blessed and lucky!

Share one surprising fact about yourself please. I make very good Asian food! I wanted to open a restaurant, but it didn’t happen (yet)!

Thank you, Betty!

Published April 2019 Vol I: BUY NOW

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