“Under the Sea” by Davi Santa

“Under the Sea” by David Santa as published on special quarterly issue WATER 2015 by Sheeba Magazine

Under is the Word central and central guide that will subject all about our shooting. That’s a below the surface of our consciousness as creatures of the ocean depths or even our dreams, we cover trends that hark back to the under of the sea with: shells, precious stones, fish and use a sea punk influences.

Photographer: Davi Santa   Models: Angelica Jung (Ford Models), Eduardo Crivelenti (Elian Gallardo), Erick Wienandts (Way Model), Michele Gassen (Way Model), Victoria Schons (Elo Management)   Makeup Artist: Pablo Felix   Hair Stylist: Rangel Martins   Styling: Marilia Mattos and Luiz Bonassoli   Fashion Production: Gustavo Pessoa & Erley Rocha   Retouch: Mateus Buares   Movie: Eduardo Mamede


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