“Modern Cage Skirts” by Yaromir Mlynski

Photographer: Yaromir Mlynski   Model: Model AK   Makeup Artist: Agnes K. Fashion/ Modern Cage Skirts: Offeradi www.Offeradi.com Styling: Agnes K. Retouch: Elena Grysyuk

Published 2017 November Vol II


Reading:  Modernizing a Hoop Skirt: What is a Cage Skirt?

modern cage skirts

“A hoop skirt went through various stages of transformation until ultimately taking a firm position in the 21st century’s fashion as a modern cage skirt. Along with trends of fashion cage skirt changed it’s shape and manners of how it can be worn. Most interestingly, modern cage skirt is a clear resemblance of the 15th century’s Spanish vertugados as it is now worn on top of other clothes instead of being just a tool to maintain dress shape and volume. Once again, future reinvents the past, but this time with a much stronger modern twist. Today, cage skirts periodically emerge in haute couture and contemporary fashion when a striking sculptural effect or exaggerated proportions are required. From fashion point of view modern cage skirt has become a beautiful timeless element withstanding continued use on its own as a symbol of seduction and temptation.”

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