Meet Ana Wanda K. All in One: Model, Photographer and Designer

Photographer: Ana-Wanda K. & Aline Bartoli    Model: Ana-Wanda K.

Ana-Wanda K is a 25 years old French model currently living in Paris. Her real name is Anais. Her alias is referring to “Wanda”, a character from “Venus in fur” by Leopold Van Sacher Masoch.

Besides History of Arts studies, she started posing in 2010 as a living model for painters and drawers and then for photographers. She then started to acquire a taste for posing.

For the last 2 years, she is a professional model for 3 agencies (Wanted models, Agence Plus and Nocturnal Agency) which allows her to travel all around Europe and France.

She is mostly focusing on artistic collaborations that enrich her book.

She is inspired by many things, such as the gracefulness of the Victorian women, the dark atmosphere in Tim Burton’s movies, gothic fashion, fashion from the 40th and 50th century and romantic paintings.

In 2014, she started to create headdresses and accessories for photo shootings.

She is now taking custom made special orders for photographers, fashion shows or private individuals. She also provides the possibility to rent her creations for special events and parties: AW-K Headdresses

Few months ago, she went to the other side and is now taking pictures such as self-portraits, and also photographs other models.

Visit Ana Wanda K. website:  www.ana-wanda-k.book.fr

Join Ana Wanda K. on facebook: AW-K Headdresses

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