Interview with designer Michail Jarovoj of Mjaro Boutique

Photographer: David Slater Model: Julie Burville MUA : Pamela Moss Jewelry: Michail Jarovoj / 'Mjaro Boutique'
Photographer: David Slater
Model: Julie Burville
MUA : Pamela Moss
Jewelry: Michail Jarovoj / ‘Mjaro Boutique’

To begin, where are you based and what is the history of Mjaro Boutique? I founded ‘Mjaro Boutique’ in 2013 producing accessories for fashion and interior. We are operating from London and all of our production from ‘A’ to the ‘Z’ is made in Britain. Why, because I was looking for a new challenge and the jewellery was something I have never done before. I had many new and unusual ideas in this area of design, which could not let go away. I felt, that I had the moral and emotional obligation to make them alive and show to public.

What motivates and fascinates you most at your work? What is the best thing about being a designer? Being creative and working for yourself, as well as others like you is highly addictive! It is like a magical journey through the fantasy, which makes you feel closer to the idea of God or perfection. Despite of that, the majority of the time is hard and sacrificing seven very long days a week work. You are fully engaged all the time and if you stop you are lost, dead or at least not able to achieve great results! 🙂

How would you describe your style? What is characteristically original about your designs? Most of the designers and artists or their managers artificially creating their styles to fill some market niches. I have no problem with that, there are many elements recognizable in majority of my work but I also like to be free and not self-chaining myself. I really enjoy inventing new products and innovative trends, rather following them. There are not many multi-talented and cosmopolitan individuals, who can do it but I am and enjoying being one of them. Overall, the originality and style are coming from my values and principles – ethical, aesthetical and cultural.

Michail, where does your inspiration come from? My inspirations coming from many sources, such as the magical worlds of Art and Mythology, the beauty of nature and human interactions, symbols, architecture, philosophy, religion and history.

What is the most common process of producing a piece of your design? For example, where does it start at? Do you come up with concepts for designs first or is it more of an unplanned thing? When, I was a eighteen years old, I used to draw, scribble, splash paint everywhere or like my old Thracian predecessors drunk a lot of wine until the idea came to my mind and turn into a form. After all this years of tries and errors everything changed, my talent nurtured and developed through the wisdom of time and knowledge. Nowadays, I start from the concept, which is highly emotional and grows in my mind but it comes thankfully all intuitional and irrational almost spiritual vibes of my heart. It is hard to explain how my visions are coming to my mind, sometimes I am thinking and concentrate a lot, sometimes not. Although, the years of experience, observation and immense intellectual concentration are important in nascency of ideas, they are not always related to my knowledge base. When the ‘Eureka’ hits me is time for the next step: start drawing and playing, building, changing or just fixing my thoughts and images on paper. After that I am vectoring my drawing with the help of software and have the raw piece of jewellery ready for laser cut. At the end put all pieces together and have the final product.

What do you think of eco-fashion? I am fully aware and ecology is hugely important for me! When designing, I often try to make my products multifunctional and with long life cycle. Moreover, I am using environmentally friendly materials and techniques of manufacturing, minimizing the energy or material waste and do a lot of up cycling by creating new sophisticated pieces out of it. In fact, I am producing my jewellery from non toxic, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic opposing to the extremely popular and highly toxic ‘ABS’ one, used in 3D printing. This is the main reason, which stops me going into 3D jewellery.

Photographer: Don Bandzevicius Model/Ice Skating Champion/Miss USSR: Maria Sergejeva MUA/Prop Designer/Stylist:Stefania Vektere Jewelry Designer/Stylist: Michail Jarovoj Photography Assistant: Robert Lipnicki
Photographer: Don Bandzevicius
Model/Ice Skating Champion/Miss USSR: Maria Sergejeva
MUA/Prop Designer/Stylist:Stefania Vektere
Jewelry Designer/Stylist: Michail Jarovoj
Photography Assistant: Robert Lipnicki

What are your biggest achievements at present date? What is your next biggest project you are working on? Most recently, I have created my first conceptual costume and few headpieces form the same material. There is a huge interest from some great photographers, makeup artists, models and other creatives to collaborate and create images for publications or photographic awards. In relation to that in nearest future I am planning to close the styling and design cycle by doing my own collections of clothes, textile and print designs, embellishments, jewellery, etc.

Where would you like your career in fashion to lead you? What is your goal in general? I would like to be widely recognized for the quality and immense variety of my talents, work and positive personality rather than scandalous, sleazy PR one, which expose predominately the dark and problematic sides of our characters and past. I know my wish is probably not marketable enough but do not want to be another of those ‘successful’ creative stars, who ruined their own and other’s lives. My goal is to always stay ambitiously positive and work hard, even in the fiercest time. The bigger tornado is, the higher I will fly away!

From your own experience, what are the biggest challenges in fashion design world? The most challenging and at the same time inspirational or motivating is to meet and work with other like minded individuals. Apparently, it is extremely difficult to keep connected with them, respect each other and continue to collaborate without jealousy, showing superiority or ripping the fruits of each other’s collective work. There are egocentric people, who will always selfishly present the collective work as their own individual ’success’. I believe we have to live and work in balance and concentrate on our own work but also developing our own qualities along with others and being essential part of the society!

Michail, what are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started Mjaro Boutique all over again? Do not be afraid to make the next step and move further.

In your opinion, what is the key to the success in fashion world? It is very individual because everyone put different meanings in words ‘fashion’ and ‘success’. If we are looking at them purely materialistic, then probably the creativity and passion are on the business side, rather than designing one. The values are shifted and most of the time we are looking in a ’curved mirror’ or playing ’broken telephone’ game. Personally, I think the true is somewhere in the middle, we will have to find the balance between business and creativity and respect each other.

What role do social media play in your business? I am finding it important for creating a network, exchanging ideas and research, communicate, organize quickly and efficiently everything around your business.

Where can we see more of your designs? My website: www.mjaroboutique.com, my Instagram account under my name: Michail Jarovoj and many other webpages. Please Google my name and you will find out.

What is your life motto? There are many but most recent is: Look without accessory is like a book without cover!

Thank you, Michail!

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