Interview with Daria Zalivako, Founder of Zalivako, the Fashion Brand who Helps Women Dress Different

Hello Daria, so what is Zalivako?

Zalivako helps women dress differently. In everything we do, we believe women are unique and should dress differently. We use the finest materials to ethically handmade timeless pieces. We just happen to make great women apparel that last for years.

Daria Zalivako

How does being an architect by training influence your brand? Change your perception of fashion?

As an architect, I was influenced by a radical architecture movement called Bauhaus that followed Russian Constructivism. These currents emphasizes functionalism in particular the use of simple geometric forms that could be reproduced with ease and which insisted on the social relevance of the arts helping to shape this progressive imagination for new practices, new form of learning and new lifestyles where the idea is that the individual and the material environment should be freed from all the unnecessary and that the relationship between arts, craft, design and the building should be rethought. I want to bring a new wave of rational non conformism in fashion where psychedelic patterns are combined with high-quality materials and innovative know-how. This trinity is at the center of everything we do at Zalivako.

Daria Zalivako
Visit Zalivako shop: www.zalivako.com

What did you want to show / make you feel for the new Ibiza collection?

My wish is to make people travel through my own experience of mythical places. Each colour I choose is part of a long thoughtful process which represents my vision of Ibiza. I want people to feel it while they are wearing my creations. The white represents the colour of traditional ‘fincas’, the blue and turquoise stands for the continuous presence of the sea and its variation of tones, the ocre is the incarnation of this typical Ibiza landscape made of clay and the olive pigment is the symbol of the flourishing vegetation composed of Pine, Olive and Carob tree.

Daria Zalivako

Why did you choose to devote yourself only to jackets?

With its universal cut and eye catching colours, I wanted to make an easy wearing piece which can be worn in any given situation for active women who like to be different and be noticed. Something that one would grab without thinking and makes her feel confident. Descending from Japanese kimono, this cocoon is a powerful and statement piece that defines your personality. You have only one chance to make a good impression. How to do it better than with a colourful cocoon that illuminates the scene you enter and makes you stand out from the crowd.

ethical brand

What makes Zalivako an ethical brand?

We only work with the finest italian yarns whether it is cotton, wool or cashmere. We only work with eco-friendly suppliers for everything we do from labels to embroideries. Most of all, we are producing all our knitwear with a small family factory based in Catalonia which is located on a winyard where they produce natural wines.

ethical brand

Visit Zalivako shop: www.zalivako.com

Thank you, Daria.

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