The Secrets To Canine Longevity – Tips To Help Your Dog Live Longer

Adopting a dog is just like having a baby. You bring a new family member home and want it to be a part of your life forever. But like all good things end, your canine also has an average lifespan you can expect it to be around. Some breeds live longer than others, and going the extra mile with the animal’s health can prolong its lifespan. Here are some secrets to canine longevity that every dog owner must know.

dog and longevity

Focus on the right diet and feeding habits

A balanced lifestyle keeps your dog happy and healthy for years. Pick quality foods that match the animal’s needs according to your vet’s recommendations. Whole ingredients are the best, and you must research dog food labels before trying something. Ditch excess sodium, unnecessary fillers, and sugars. Also, pay attention to the calorie intake as you feed your pet. Dogs eating less and having a healthy weight tend to live longer, but make sure that you tailor the caloric intake after consulting a vet.

Exercise plays a key role

Apart from a healthy diet, a regular exercise schedule is another longevity-boosting factor for dogs. It keeps the animal in shape, prevents diseases, lowers stress, and enhances mental health. Consider prolonging the morning and evening walks. Add some indoor exercises to the animal’s daily schedule. You will get more bonding time with the pet, which can improve the overall quality of life.

Pay attention to health issues

If you want your dog to live longer, it is vital to pay attention to big and small health issues and follow a regular vet check-up schedule, even if the pet seems healthy. Timely diagnosis and treatment can be life-saving. You can also try alternative therapies, such as CBD for dog pancreatitis to help the animal cope with the condition naturally. Ensure that you never miss out on vaccinations as well.

dog's longevity

Better sleep boosts longevity

Like humans, canines also need adequate quality sleep to live healthier. Dog insomnia is a common health issue that owners must not overlook because it can result in physical and mental diseases. Keep an eye on the early signs of insomnia so that you can address the concern at the earliest. Discuss natural therapies like CBD with your doctor because these alternative treatments are safe for long-term use.

 Go the extra mile with dental hygiene

Dog owners are often complacent about dental hygiene, but it can actually add some years to your pet’s lifespan. It is easy to forget brushing your dog’s teeth, but the implications can be serious. Missing out on oral care can cause gingivitis, plaque, and eventually periodontal disease, which elevates the risk of heart disease and organ damage. Just going the extra mile with daily brushing can prevent these problems. Provide safe dental treats and chew toys and have proactive dental checks to keep your pet’s teeth in shape.

Most importantly, give your dog all the love, care, and attention you can if you want it to stay with you for the years to come. A happy dog will be healthy and live longer.

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