Simple Ways to Enhance Your Sense of Purpose

We all seem to have this sense of missing “something“ in our lives. Even people with successful careers, loving families, strong friendships and bonds can feel nihilistic, feel some kind of lack in their lives. Missing a sense of purpose is rather common for people nowadays.

Simple ways to enhance your sense of purpose

Namely, finding fulfillment and purpose in today’s world isn’t just a cliché, rather, it’s a good goal to have if you want to lead a happy and healthy life. People who have a sense of meaning in their lives feel like they have more control over their choices, over their lives – they feel like everything they do is actually worthwhile, that it matters.

In the article below you can find some tips and tricks on how to enhance your sense of purpose and maybe get a step closer towards finding meaning in your life.

Work on Discovering Your Passion

Perhaps you are doing things that are what society deems as right. And maybe you are fulfilling all of your duties, things that make you a good parent, a good son or daughter, a good citizen. However, do they truly fulfil you completely? There is more to a person than simply being what he or she is in relation to others or to society. Maybe what you really need is to find something you are passionate about and let it overtake you. Maybe what you simply need is to be a bit selfish for a change.

Do you love cinema, photography, dancing, a sport, literature? Then why not dedicate a bit more of your time to these things. Take up a class, get some books on these topics, or just brainstorm and see how you can work on these passions. And if you feel like you don’t have anything to offer to yourself, if you believe that you actually lack a passion, then you need to dedicate some time and hard work towards actually finding it.

Care for Someone, or Something

Simple ways to enhance your sense of purposeMaybe sometimes what enhances our sense of purpose is taking care of somebody, or of something. Think about this, actually invest time and energy into an idea like this one. Maybe mentor at-risk youth, or help out a friend who’s hit a bit of a rough patch. Maybe reconnect with family that you haven’t spoken too in a long time, or perhaps just take care of an elderly person.

On the other hand, maybe take care of an animal. Get a pet, a rescue if possible, and make its life better. Take in animals that nobody wants, like old or, to put it roughly, ugly dogs, or maybe breeds that people erroneously think are dangerous.

However, try to temper this altruism with good planning and ideas. Namely, taking care of an elderly person or mentoring somebody requires proper education and training. Actually see if you are able to pull something like this off because if you quit after a month this person will be in worse shape than before you even began. The same goes for pets – talk to a veterinarian, one that is specialized in the pet you got, use educational websites and resources, like Totally Goldens for example, and simply talk to other experienced pet owners.

Think About the People You Are Surrounded By

You might want to think about the people you spend some time with. Namely, no matter how much you love your family, your children, spouse, parents, your long-time friends, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break from them. You can love them, they might fulfil you, but at the same time, they might be draining your energy as well.

No matter how awesome they are, you might need somebody a bit more positive near you. Or maybe just spend some extra time with positive and passionate family members, and maybe take a break from those that are syphoning positivity, at least for a little while.

Find a Cause You Believe In

Simple ways to enhance your sense of purpose
Maybe what you need is to dedicate yourself to a cause, to something you believe in. Think about the world, see if there is anything that you want to change and whether you can change it at all.

For example, you can dedicate yourself to a civil rights issue, or maybe some type of organization. Perhaps you are passionate about LGBTQ rights, or the environment. Maybe simply becoming part of the community in a greater capacity can give you a sense of purpose.


Even if your life may seem perfect on paper, discovering your sense of purpose can give you the meaning you need, it can fulfill that kind of “lack” that just seems like it’s at the edge of your mind. It’s all about being surrounded by positive people, discovering your passions and your interests. You should also dedicate yourself to someone or something. Join a cause, get a pet, or simply take care of other people.

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