New Life of the Old Furniture

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Do not rush to throw away old furniture and other things that you are not longer using at home: with a touch of creativity they could be reused and converted into eye-catching decorative pieces. Here is the collection of some unexpected ideas on how to turn ordinary everyday objects into stylish home accessories.

Living Room with a History

The possibilities of using old furniture in the living room are almost unlimited. For example, you could convert the old skateboard into an elegant shelf, all what you need is a couple of jute ropes and nautical looking hooks:

New Life of the Old Furniture
Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Painting old furniture pieces is probably one of the most popular DIY projects you can find on the web. No wonder, with a touch of spray paint you can convert a local thrift shop find into a show stopper.

New Life of the Old Furniture
Source: At The Picket Fence

A sofa is probably something that you will never think of doing with an old bathtub but looking at this astonishing piece most likely that you will get inspired!

New Life of the used Furniture

Cozy Bedroom

There are many ways to create a beautiful headboard, and among them there are some interesting ideas that you can easily implement with your own hands. What if you abandon the idea of standard factory headboard in favor of the antique doors or window shutters? The bedside table can be made from a vintage chair, while the dressing table could be created using an old sewing machine.

New Life of bedroom Furniture

When furniture is used in an unconventional way it always looks very interesting and creative, and on the top of that if you paint it in a bold colour, most likely it will play the chief role in the interior of your bedroom. Have a look at this beautiful yellow chair that instantly lifts up the mood when you look at it:

New Life of the Old Furniture
Image source: Avotakka

Creative Home Office

An important part of any cabinet is a desk. Why not make a very original model from an old baby crib? All what you need to do is to place a glass top and use side panel as an additional shelf. For storage of books and papers you can use ladders and pallets.

New Life of the used pieces

Bathroom in Shabby Chic Style

If you can make a sofa for a living room from an old bathtub, items from living room could be easily incorporated into the decor of your bathroom. Old chairs could be converted into original towel racks, and vintage cupboard door knobs into stylish hooks.

New Life of the Old

Garden Paradise

Garden is a perfect place to unleash creativity and turn your old furniture into quirky objects to decorate the landscape. For example beds and chests of drawers could be used as flower beds, while shabby chairs could be converted into beautiful swings.

New Life of the Old home pieces

Pet Homes

Our little friends do not follow the brands – they do not care which house to live in, as long as it is comfortable. However, your guests will be definitely surprised and delighted to see some creative solutions that you have come up with. For example, you can convert an old barrel into a cozy dog home.

New Life of the Old Furniture

And your cat will be probably delighted to snuggle in a comfy basket that floats in the air:

New Life of the Old house pieces

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