Looking For Boosting Your Immune System: Just Drink Herbal Tea

Unlock the power of nature in these nutrient-dense herbal beverages, including green tea, chamomile tea and elderberry, to name a few. They are not only relaxing and soothing but also offer a number of health benefits. See the following list of herbal teas to strengthen your immune system as well as information on – when to consume and how many cups to drink for the best results.

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Best Immune-Boosting Teas

 Do not wait for the cold and flu season and let disease take control of your health! Before it comes, strengthen your immune system by consuming herbal teas daily. Refer to this list below.

Green Tea

Derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea has high amounts of polyphenols that offer a host of health benefits.

For one, these chemical compounds protect body chemicals and cells against environmental toxins and free radical damage.

A study from the University of Maryland supports this claim. According to researchers, consuming between two and three cups of green tea daily could supply the body with antioxidant benefits.

A few other health benefits of green tea include protection from high cholesterol levels and atherosclerosis and a mental function boost.

A study from the Oregon State University published in the “Immunology Letters” journal supports the immune-boosting benefits of green tea as well.

According to researchers, it boosts special cells that aid in the body’s immune system – the regulatory T cells.   And by consuming green tea daily, you can also prevent or control autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Elderberry Tea

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Taunted as the king of herbs especially when combating colds and flu in the winter season, elderberry tea is an immune-boosting herbal tea that you need to consume on a daily basis.

The herb may help in stimulating and strengthening immune system for its antibacterial properties.

Chamomile Tea

Possessing both sedative and antibacterial properties, chamomile teas are great therapeutic drinks that can provide instant relaxation.

Achieving it, you can manage stress better especially by having a good night sleep, so it is preferred by individuals having trouble sleeping.

And regarding an immune boost, the herbal tea also helps in calming an upset stomach due to colds or flu and in battling indigestion and nausea.

Also, you should read chamomile reviews from VelvetFoam to learn more about this kind of tea.

Lavender Tea

Stress-relief is by far the most known benefit of lavender tea. The drink may also promote relaxation that you need when under stress and reduce stomach bloating associated to it. And to boost your immune system, you also need sound and restful sleep that lavender tea may help you achieve.

Olive Leaf Tea

olive leaf tea

This tea offers you with antivirus protection that can help with common cold prevention.

The herbal tea can be taken for a long time just like other varieties of herbal beverages, but children are not advised to do the same because they have to develop and build their own immune system.

Lemongrass Herbal Tea

The herbal tea is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant known for its immune-boosting property. Drinking it daily, you can also improve your body’s systems because it can restore their normal function and promote the body’s relaxation.

Mint Teas

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For good reasons, mint is one of the most popular tea varieties in the world. Aside from giving you fresh breath and instant mood lift, the herbal tea can also get rid of sore throats and alleviate respiratory disease symptoms.

Mint is also known for providing you with instant refreshment and rejuvenation especially if you’re trying to cope up with colds.

When to Drink Herbal Teas for Immune Boost

Drinking a few cups of herbal teas offers great immune boost, but you must know when to consume it for maximum benefits. The experts recommend drinking teas in the morning, afternoon and evening.

How Many Cups to Drink

For caffeinated teas, the maximum recommended intake is up to five cups and up to eight cups for herbal or non-caffeinated teas daily.

On the other hand, the Harvard School of Public Health suggests consuming at least three standard cups of tea daily.

On the other hand, consuming between five and six cups daily is ideal to improve skin health, metabolism and immune system.

Consume these herbal teas, such as green tea, chamomile tea and mint tea, to strengthen your immune system.

But when should you start taking them? The best time to do it is as soon as you could feel some tickling in the back of your throat or you’ve been exposed to sick loved ones.

As the sooner that you prevent cold or flu or stop it in its track, the better your health will be. Finally, always remember that the key foundation to strong immune system is managed stress levels, healthy diet, plenty of sleep and regular physical activity.

Do you think we missed a cold or flu fighting herbal tea on this list? We would love to know. Share them with us in the comments.

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