How To Style Your Bandana?

Bandanas are very much in fashion, though it can be hard to know how to style them. Here are some tips.

How To Style Your Bandana

The Classic Headband

Small headbands often cause undue headaches and plenty of discomfort on the scalp. Why not make your own headband? The easiest way to customize your hair accessories is to use a bandana of your choice as a makeshift headband. Plus, it really works to keep your hair from getting in your face!

Get The Look: Achieve a thin headband by folding your bandana in half continuously until it becomes a slim line. At this point, you can tie the bandana and slide it onto your head, or if you want a custom fit, tie it while arranging it on your head. Your ties should be underneath your hair and you can wear this design virtually anywhere!

Get Classy!

Did you know bandanas can also look classy? Whether you’re attending a party or going back to school, you can style your headband with the knots in the front for added embellishment.

Get This Look: Follow the steps from the previous tip, but leave the ties on the front of your head. You can give it an even more modern approach by tucking the ends underneath your bandana and making the front look like a large knot.

How To Style Your Bandana
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An Oldie But A Goodie

Ponytails are an age old fashion trend, but in its basic form, it is still as relevant today as it ever was. Why not give your ponytail some extra flair and a fresh outlook? Plus, this design works great for dinner and a movie, date night or just school.

Get This Look: Tie your bandana around your ponytail and let the ends hang loose.

Fairytale Cinderella

Enjoy your weekend outing or barbecue gathering with the Cinderella kerchief hairdo! Perhaps you will even find your own prince with your newfound style.

Get This Look: Grab a square bandana of your choosing and fold it to make a triangle. Make it a point to fold the long end over the triangle at least once, but you can choose to do it twice. Tie your ends, install on your head, and you are ready to find your Prince Charming!


Liven things up with a novelty bandana, get your LED bandana here.

Get This Look: Tie it however you want to to brighten up your hairdo and be sure to get noticed.

How To Style Your Bandana

The Messy Bun Fix

So you’re running late to class and styling your hair is not an option, but there is something you can do! A cool bandana and messy bun making skills are all you need to pave your own path.

Get This Look: Fold your bandana in half, and keep on folding as you would when you were creating the traditional headband. Use the bandana and tie it around your bun, and you have yourself a stylish solution! Not only does it look perfectly fresh and youthful, but it can cut down on anxiety when you just don’t have the time in the mornings to invest in your beauty routine.

The Parisian Tourist

Your bandana need not become a hair accessory! In fact, your bandana can make the perfect accent piece for your Parisian inspired outfit. A bandana tied around your neck is chic, sophisticated and just elevates any look with European flair.

Get This Look: Fold your bandana as you would with the headband styles before tying it around your neck. Leave it loose if you prefer it to hang like a necklace. You can also style it as a choker and tighten the ties when you put it around your neck. Plus, if you prefer to hide the ties, just move them to the back!

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