How to Prep Your Puppy for a Road Trip

One of the reasons that you probably want to get a puppy is to have a joyful companion that you can take with you wherever you go. Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and are great company when you set out for an adventurous road trip. It’s important to prepare your dog for car travel long before you decide to hit the road.

Although many dogs enjoy sticking their head out of the windows and feeling the breeze in the car, not all puppies are as comfortable when they have their first ride. The motion of the car and the noise can be overwhelming for young dogs. It’s important to take your time when you are car training your puppy.

How to Prep Your Puppy for a Road Trip
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If you are beginning your search of puppies for sale and are looking forward to road trips in the future with your furry best friend you are in for a treat. On the other hand, you may get an excellent boarding services at pet boarding adelaide if decide traveling without your puppy. Now, let’s take a look at a few tips to help you prep your puppy for a road trip.

Benefits of Car Training

When you have a puppy, you will quickly learn that they require a lot of attention and don’t like to be left alone. Introducing them to car travel when they are still young gives you the opportunity for more freedom with your puppy. When your young dog is comfortable or even excited about getting in the car, you don’t have to leave them behind on a trip.

Most destinations are now dog friendly, so it’s an advantage to be able to bring your dog with you on your adventures. Save the money and the time worrying that would be spent if you had to put your dog in a kennel while you travel.


How to Prep Your Puppy for a Road Trip

Safety First

You may be tempted to comfort your puppy on their first rides by carrying them with you on your lap. This is not only dangerous for your puppy but can put you at risk for an accident. Your full attention needs to always be on the road and not on your fussing puppy. For safer travel, read’s advice on driving with dogs in the car

Smaller puppies may be safer and feel more comfortable in a soft-sided carrier that can be secured to the back seat. Larger dogs can wear a specialized chest harness that can be clipped right into your rear seat belt attachment.

Start Small

Riding in a car can be an overwhelming experience for a small puppy. To reduce their stress, it’s a good idea to keep your car rides short at the start. Aim for a few small trips around the neighborhood to get things going and let your puppy get used to the sensation of riding in the car.

Before you even hit the road, let your puppy explore the car while it is still parked. This will let them get used to the smells and help them get used to the environment. You can move on to starting the car but leaving it in the driveway to introduce them to the vibration and noise.

Comfort Items

favorite blanket or a toy is a great addition for your puppy that is getting used to car rides. The bit of small comfort that they get from these items can help them to overcome any anxiety they may be feeling.

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Before you head out on your first road trip with your puppy, make sure you have packed these essential items:

    • Collar with I.D. tags
    • Vet records
    • Harness and leash
    • Soft-sided carrier
    • Comfort items
    • Water and food dishes
    • Pee pads
    • Waste bags

Traveling with your puppy can be a fun and exciting experience. Take the time to ease them into the experience of riding in the car, pack all their essential items, and hit the road for an adventure that you and your puppy will both enjoy.

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