How To Communicate Better In Marriage

Communication is said to be the key to a successful relationship or marriage. In a relationship, you might find that you are more open about your feelings than your partner. People process their emotions differently; for example, men are said to be more closed off than women.

Marriage counseling in Boulder says that you should never go to bed angry at your spouse. Harboring negative feelings for a long time against your partner can lead to bad arguments that can sometimes get physical and eventually lead to divorce.

Communication has dramatically changed in this digital age. Couples are spending more time face timing and texting than spending time together and physically talking to each other. It has become easier for people to cheat and downplay their emotions by using emojis while having a serious conversation over the phone.

Some couples are too busy to communicate with each other via text or facetime and are too tired to talk about anything when they get home. Such a situation can cause two people who love each other to drift apart.

To avoid emotional disconnect due to lack of proper communication in your marriage, here is what the experts in marriage counseling in Boulder recommend.

spending time together

1. Make talking and spending time together intentional

Whether it is work or the kids that keep you busy, it is essential to find the time where just the two of you can catch up. You have heard of couples planning a date night; schedule yours as often as you can to strengthen your relationship.

2. Listen with empathy

When you share your feelings with your partner and vice versa, it is vital that they know you acknowledge how they feel, that you can relate. In a case where one has wronged the other, it is best to avoid being defensive. Listen to your partner and understand their position before reacting.

3. Try to communicate your dislikes constructively

How do you tell your partner you don’t like something they are doing without hurting their feelings? Telling your partner, “You don’t care about me nowadays,” is very different from saying, “I wish we could spend more time together.”

In some situations, your temper can get the best of you but try to change how you communicate your negative feelings and see the difference.

4. Communicate positive feelings more

It is common for spouses to express their negative emotions more often than they talk about positive things. Compliment your partner frequently and appreciate them. This might open both of you up, and you can find yourselves talking about more stuff than you used to before.

Being able to relate with your partner in a meaningful and intimate manner is not limited to talking to each other. There are several ways that you can be close to your partner. However, it is through talking that you know each other’s likes and dislikes.

Spouses who communicate better have been found to have stable and long-lasting relationships.


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