Hemp, Heme and Other Sustainable Trends Your Brand Might Be Missing

Global warming, other climatic changes that are turning our dearest earth into an inhabitable world is the center of many discussions today. People are now making decisions based on how sustainable and eco-friendly a brand or a service is! The relationship between sustainable branding and customer purchase decisions is one that drives out any unwanted elements and brings about change.

Hemp Heme and Other Sustainable Trends Your Brand Might Be Missing

Sustainability is what hemp and heme are offering the world today! To some, it might be severe following the stigma attached to hemp (marijuana strains) and the little knowledge of how heme works! Therefore, it is crucial to understand how they work to ensure sustainability. 

Hemp Reforms 

With the recent law reforms, researchers now have the chance to evaluate the fundamentals of the cannabis Sativa family,seeds or strains. Hemp is one of them that has many benefits attached. Being very low on THC, it is the perfect option for individuals who want to achieve their desired goals. You can buy cannabis seeds online and hemp to see its benefits. Besides, it has several sustainability traits that many brands are now taking advantage of and aligning themselves with the strain

• Health 

Hemp Heme and Other Sustainable Trends Your Brand Might Be Missing

One of the questions that retailers offering hemp-based products often come across is, “What does CBD do to your body?” To many, they think about getting high, extreme psychoactive behavior and even criminal activities. Hemp has no negative impact on your body.

On the other hand, it might be the only sustainable plant in the world that sustains your overall health. How does it do this?

Hemp Heme Your Brand Might Be Missing

Hemp is an essential source of protein. The hemp seeds are a significant source of protein that rivals that of animals and other plants. Besides, hemp oil is a natural remedy for anxiety and depression. It forms a base on which many skincare products offer better skin health, including fighting acne.

• Fabrics 

hemp fabric sustainable Trends Your Brand Might Be Missing

The hemp strain produces quality fabrics with the exceptional quality of its bast fiber. It is stronger and biodegradable, making it the best option for environmental sustainability. Also, its vegetative nature prevents weeds from growing, reducing the need for pesticides and other harsh chemicals.

Besides, it consumes less water when farming it and during manufacturing in comparison to cotton-based fabrics. Farming hemp for your textiles produces double the yields and on a smaller patch of land.

• Eliminates the need for plastics and other non-biodegradable materials

Hempcrete is using hemp as the basis of their construction work. They are creating walls that have better thermal performance levels and insulation. Hemp uses and locks in carbon dioxide when growing, making it the best bio-composite material for your building needs. With it, you no longer need to mine the land, destroying its value and sustainability.

Besides, brands like FORD continuously do their studies on the different uses of hemp. Not only do they use the fibers for car doors and seats, but they also advocate for its use as a fuel. If mass production commences, hemp saves the world from mining oil which is a major environmental factor.

Hemp provides high-quality papers with less need for excessive bleach and other strengthening chemicals in comparison to using the pulp. However, even if its production costs are still high than trees, it is the right solution that will prevent cutting down of trees and protect land under forest cover.

Heme Wonders 

hemp wonders brands sheeba magazine

The United Nations indicates the use and need for meat on our menu and daily diet needs as an urgent problem. Yes! It is a fundamental source of nutrition, but also, they are the most common source under which the environment is degrading at a higher rate. Animal farming leads to the production of greenhouse gases and increases deforestation for farming land. At the same time, the available animal food for humans is still inefficient, indicating the need for an alternative and highly sustainable alternative (HEME).

According to Impossible Foods, heme is a protein compound that’s in almost all living things, including plants, animals, and even humans. It is what gives the meat the aroma it produces when it cooks and the taste it has when eating it. The company is working on the best way to produce meat from plants as a sustainable way of life.

brands and hemp

They aim at replacing meat, and fish from your dinner table and replacing it with a tastier heme full option. Currently, this option is working in New York, Macau, and California. Brands such as McDonald’s and Burger King are taking up the possibilities and introducing impossible foods such as burgers and pizzas.

vegan brands sheeba magazine

Vegans, who never eat meat as a result of their beliefs, can now enjoy an Impossible Burger with this innovation. Not only will it save on land and protect animals, but it will also ensure that your daily joint offers you the best of impossible foods. Besides, it protects the environment and keeps the earth safe for you to live in.

The Mugler Refill and Veuve Clicquot 

Plastics are the number one pollutants of the environment. They not only inhibit the growth of vegetation but also occupy space on land that would otherwise be essential for other productive activities like planting trees. Reduction in this type of waste is a sustainable trend that is seeing consumers act more responsibly and purchasing eco-friendly brands.

Mugler Thierry, in 1992, came up with a way to reduce waste by replicating or recycling your perfume bottle. The Mugler Source provides consumers with the chance to be environmentally friendly by bringing their empty Mugler Source perfume bottles for a refill instead of purchasing a new one. As a result, this sustainable project saves the country and world 383 tonnes of waste products in a single year.

Veuve Clicquot from the Veuve Vineyards is another example of a sustainable brand that you should have a look at. Not only do they practice sustainable viticulture by replacing their pesticide use with essential natural Sexual Confusion brand, but also they have come up with the Veuve Clicquot biodegradable packaging materials. It has brought down the use of water on the plants by over 53.6%. Also, the biodegradable packages are potato-based, which has currently seen an upgrade to grape skins.

hemp coffee sheeba magazine

Starbucks is following suit with its strategy and campaign against plastic straws. They hope to eliminate the straws by the year 2020. They are also going green and are now packing their products in green materials for their customers.

PADI and Project Aware Sustainable Partnership

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Sustainability is not all about coming up with new ways to protect the environment. It is also about undoing the damage that is already there as a result of our human activities. Therefore, partnering with other companies to bring about change in the environment we are currently in is what these two partners are doing.

The two provided sponsorship for the most extensive beach cleanup in Florida with over 633 participants. With waste dirtying the ocean and killing original species and mutating the fish, the cleanup was highly needed. From the cleanup, marine debris, fishing gear, and other forms of dirt, including plastics, were plenty, and the cleanup was a success. This specific form of sustainability is what many customers are looking forward to with each passing day.  


Environmental sustainability is everybody’s responsibility. What hemp and heme, Veuve and other sustainable partnership offers in terms of sustainability is difficult to ignore due to the innumerous benefits. Therefore, any brand must identify and incorporate factors that ensure its durability as it is a factor that many customers out there are looking for today.

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