Fasting and Your Skin: What’s the Connection?

When it comes to our looks, all of us have different things we struggle with. Some people have poor skin quality, some people are overweight; in fact, many suffer from both. But did you ever consider that there was an actual connection between the way we eat and the quality of our skin? Is proper dieting actually skincare as well? That’s what we’re here to find out!

skin fasting

Fasting 101

At some point in our lives, especially during puberty; all of us think about the things we could do to have better-looking skin. And while in most cases this means using a wide range of skincare products; this is not always healthy for your skin. Putting too many different chemicals on it may require you to do some skin fasting once in a while. As you may have heard, skin fasting means just what it sounds like; refraining from putting products on your skin. But did you know that regular, food-avoiding fasting is also good for your skin?

If you want to look much younger, but without the acne; giving up food for some time may actually be just what the doctor ordered. In fact, putting your fork down will do wonders for more than your physique; it will also help your skin become clearer and prettier. And these are things we all dream about – but the ways of achieving that are not always the most obvious.

When thinking about the benefits of fasting, most of us think about weight loss, or a smaller chance of contracting dangerous, life-threatening diseases. Indeed, fasting does reduce the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular issues. But fasting is actually something that impacts every single organ in your body. And what’s the largest organ you can think of? That’s right – your skin!

Clearer Skin

Naturally, taking good care of your skin is important. All of us want to have skin that’s as clear as possible, and that’s no laughing matter. People who have obvious skin issues, like scarring or a bad case of chronic acne, are more commonly diagnosed with severe depression. To put it simply – how we look affects us. While this may seem superficial at first, it’s really not; as we’re not talking about how others perceive us, but our own self-image. Being dissatisfied with our looks is not really something that anyone wants.

But if you channel such fears into proper skincare, you’ll find yourself feeling younger and healthier than ever before! And luckily for you, the skin is positively impacted by fasting; much more than you know. Though, too much fasting is no good either; intermittent fasting is definitely the way to go if you want to be both better-looking and functional.

When you perform fasting, you actually help regenerate your gut microbiome; which is where most of your body’s inflammation comes from. And acne is just a consequence of inflammation; much like aging itself. So, if you improve the condition of your gut and the microbiome therein; you’ll end up with much clearer and healthier skin! And as you’ve just discovered, that’s something you can easily do with fasting. If you achieve a lowering of the inflammation in your gut over the long term, you’ll age more slowly, and have prettier skin as well.

skin fasting

Incredible Health Benefits

As you can imagine, people who learn of this method to improve their skin feel quite liberated. All of the many young men and women suffering from cystic acne do wonder in terms of improving their condition; simply be eating more healthily, and with occasional fasting. This is also great for aging; or rather, against it. Your skin will be more elastic, attractive and vibrant in the long run, if you do some simple fasting.

Just try this method, and you’ll find yourself getting more compliments than ever before. You’ll also feel more radiant and younger if you undertake a steady fasting regimen. Don’t forget, though – this is far from the only benefit that you can reap from watching how and when you eat. There are countless other boons for your overall health to be found here – so start thinking about doing some fasting right away!

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