Creating A Standout Look With Easy DIY Hacks

Cookie cutter style has gone out the window as people all over the world are celebrating the rise of groundbreaking style mavens. Right now, singers Lizzo and Billie Eilish, visual artist Melanie Martinez, and actress Zendaya are not only making headlines for their success in their respective fields, but their unique styles are also creating a buzz in the fashion world. As the fashion pendulum swings towards individual dressing, it’s the perfect time to start experimenting with your looks and create a style that’s uniquely you. With some smart shopping and a bit of creativity, you can create a standout look that’s sure to impress everyone. Here’s how you can revamp your style with easy DIY hacks.

Creating A Standout Look With Easy DIY Hacks

Turn Thrift Finds into Sartorial Treasures

Take a cue from social media star, Ashley, also known as bestdressed on YouTube, and develop a knack for turning thrift store finds into modern and wearable pieces. In her Thrift Flip video series, Ashley uses her self-described “mediocre sewing skills” to transform finds such as a basic cardigan into a sexy, cropped number, and a plain A-line skirt into a dupe of the famous Urban Outfitters mini with exposed zipper detail. Even if you’re not a skilled seamstress, take a leaf from Ashley’s book, and practice sewing on a machine designed for beginners. Master the basics such as sewing straight seams, attaching zippers, and making buttonholes, then move on to the fun stuff like adding embroidery and hardware to give your clothes that extra flair.

Make Your Own Jewelry

If you’re a fan of costume jewelry and accessories, you may find that the different shops you frequent carry similar jewelry designs. To inject a bit of variety into your look, why not create your own jewelry? Vlogger, HelenaDaydreamer, gets millions of views for her easy DIY rings tutorials, and she makes amazing pieces using silver and gold plated copper wire, self adhesive craft gems, glue and wire cutters. If you’re a DIY newbie, then making rings is a great way to practice. From there, you can move on to making pendants, bracelets and earrings. Experiment with different gem and wire combinations to create unique pieces that are entirely you.

Creating A Standout Look With Easy DIY Hacks

Add Something Extra

Even the most boring shirt can look fabulous with the right extras. One way to do it is to source out unique enamel pins on Etsy, and use those to liven up a plain jacket or a fabric bag. BTS member, V, did this simple DIY hack when he wore a paint palette pin at the airport last June. Make like the K-pop star and attach one standout pin or brooch to the front of your coat, or group several pins together for a whimsical look. Apart from pins and brooches, you can add other details to your clothing such as elbow patches, lace inserts and studs to turn drab basics into fab looks.

Let your inner style maven shine, and try using these DIY hacks to inject some personality into your wardrobe. Create pieces that showcase your individuality, and bring the fun back to fashion.