EcoWalk. Vapour Organic Beauty: a Bold Approach to Crafting High-performance Cosmetics

“Vapour Organic Beauty is a champion of organic farming and we have a self-imposed mission to use a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients in every Vapour product.”

varpour beauty productsPlease tell us briefly your company’s story on how it all began; how did you discover a gap in the market for natural cosmetic products? What inspired you to launch Vapour Organic Beauty?

Creativity is my higher calling and creative people are my tribe. I identified as an artist as a child and have always trusted in Beauty as a Healer. In parallel with exposure to art, my childhood is filled with memories of my mother’s magical perfumes and awe for my older sister’s European cosmetics. I feel fortunate to have been able to use this sensory and somewhat mystical love of beauty in all of its forms to co-create Vapour. Krysia and I have been working together since 2000. I started in production in Krysia and her partner’s natural lip balm company. After about a year I got interested in formulating and found a natural vein of talent. I began an experimental process of extending our product offerings from natural lip care into cosmetics and skin care. In 2008 Krysia and I started creating Vapour together. We collaborate on the branding vision and our desire for Vapour to be an inclusive and progressive company. Once we started we haven’t looked back.

-Kristine Keheley, Vapour Co-founder

 Vapour grew out of a desire to create color cosmetics that embody qualities we value. Namely, cosmetics that perform like a conventional brand but actually nourish the skin and support wellness. Kristine and I share a common vision of bringing integrity and joy to women through an experience of their own unique beauty. Vapour began its journey ahead of its time. We launched in 2009 and at the time there were no retailers who understood what we were doing. Department stores did not think their customers were ready for natural color cosmetics and we were not interested in selling to health food stores. Our makeup was luxury quality and we wanted to position ourselves that way.

-Krysia Boinis, Vapour Co-founder

Tell us some reasons to switch to natural beauty products. What are beauty benefits of using truly natural products? Why are natural ingredients better for our skin’s health? We describe ‘green beauty’ as beauty products that support health and beauty rather than fight it; produtcts that contribute to wellness without presenting our systems with toxins to process. Twenty-first century Green Beauty also needs to perform at a level that equals or surpasses conventional products. Vapour cosmetics area true Green Beauty. We like to say they are an “extension of your skin care” because they are rich in potent organic ingredients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that nourish and protect skin. AND they offer luxurious depth and variety of color and beautiful textures.


What are the ingredients you never use in your products? No Irradiation, No Nanoparticles, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Animal Testing, No Fillers, No Water, No Parabens, No Alcohol, No Harsh Preservatives, No FD&C Pigments, No Petroleum, No Phthalates, No Talc, No Dimethicone, No Bismuth Oxychloride, No Propylene Glycol, No Formaldehyde, No Triclosan, No Methylisothiazolinone, No GMO, No Gluten.

Vapour is: 70% Organic, 30% Essential Oils, Vitamins & Pigments, Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free, ‘Champion’ Safety Status by EWG & Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Commitment to global organic farming, Scented only with essential oils and natural fruit flavors, Transparent and honest ingredient decks, Female-owned and operated, Inclusive complexion range, Hand crafted in the USA, Made with Solar & Wind Power, Packaging made from recycled/recyclable materials, High in Botanical Antioxidants & EFAs, Natural Luxury & Performance , Award Winning Products (Allure, Glamour, Elle and more).

  • Kristine

organic beauty owners

What Vapour product or product line would you recommend to the first-time buyer of natural beauty product? It can be overwhelming with so many products to consider and choices to make. Some of the most toxic products we use on our bodies every day are used on areas that absorb more into the tissues. And some toxic products are used on large surfaces of the body or even ingested.

When I received a cancer diagnosis twelve years ago it was an opportunity to create a deeper awareness of the what I put in and on my body. I started with products that would have the biggest impact on my health and reduce the most toxic exposure. Here is my recommendation for several Vapour products to get you started on the road to deeper wellness and vibrancy.

beauty products varpourDeodorant was the first thing that was recommended to eliminate from my daily routine when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I learned that conventional antiperspirants and deodorants are among the most toxic of all personal care products people use on their bodies every day. Not only is the sensitive underarm area able to absorb products that are applied there but Lymph nodes are clustered around the underarm and aid in the bodies daily detoxification. It makes sense to support the process with healthy products. AER next level deodorant by Vapour Beauty is our truly revolutionary gel-to-power formula that won’t let you down.

You are what you eat. And you may be eating as much as 8 pounds of lipstick or gloss in a lifetime! Conventional lipstick can contain carcinogens, endocrine disrupters and other toxins that can build up and contribute to disease. Choosing food grade, natural and organic lip products is the healthy alternative. Vapour Beauty makes it easy with a full range of shades in Siren lipstick, Elixir Lip gloss, Lux organic lip conditioner and our newest addition, Velvet Gloss. Vapour’s formulas are made with wholesome edible ingredients so you don’t have to worry.


Vapour Organic Beauty Can you share some of the main things that you take into consideration when creating new beauty product let’s say from scratch? Different product types call upon different approaches and skills. If it’s a new shade it’s very instinctive and immediate. I get a vision of a color and then work with the pigment percentages until I reach that shade. With new products it’s a little different. I think of the texture and consistency first, then regarding performance, I do some research, but I also allow room for instinct about which plants speak to the specific benefits and needs of the product.


Can there be any side effects or temporary discomfort after switching to natural skin care and beauty products? Vapour products are non-comedogenic. Organic plant oils are compatible with our skin allowing it to breathe, unlike synthetic oils or animal fats. Synthetic oils and animal fats can clog your pores and may not allow your skin to breathe. Because Vapour makeup is also skin care, it begins to soothe and nourish the skin as soon as it is applied.

There can be a period of adjustment when switching to natural beauty products. Some people experience a detoxification period while the skin adjusts and may also experience blemishes. We recommend continued use of the products for 1-2 weeks to see the skin improve.


Vapour Organic Beauty lipsticksMore than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry. What do you do to keep your packaging as eco-friendly/sustainable as possible? Vapour is a champion of organic farming and we have a self-imposed mission to use a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients in every Vapour product. Organic farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions, is more energy efficient than conventional farming, and does not release pesticides into the water table. Vapour’s primary packaging is in glass and aluminum. Both materials contain high amounts of recycled content and are also then recyclable. Vapour’s secondary packaging (unit boxes) are made from managed forest stock and are printed with soy ink.


natural colororants Vapour Organic BeautyIs there a skin care myth that you wish you could permanently debunk? Cleansing oils!! People can be intimidated by trying this luxe beauty ritual. They may think they will be left feeling oil.

Cleansing oils contain hydrating and soothing ingredients that are more effective and less irritating than conventional cleansers. Using an oil-based cleanser helps remove oil and impurities from your skin and can actually help balance your skin’s sebum production. This means that your face gets a refreshing deep clean, without stripping skin of its natural protective layer.

Vapour Clarity Organic Makeup Remover gently and effectively dissolves all traces of makeup, dirt and impurities. Clarity’s lush, nourishing formula is gentle enough for the eye area and removes even the most stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara and liner. After use, skin feels marvelously pure and plump. Features include all organic skin-nourishing ingredients, like protective Jojoba, brightening Camellia and nurturing Helichrysum and Borage. This USDA-certified product just might be a game changer for your skin.


Vapour Organic Beauty

Do you think the idea of beauty is shifting these days? How? The face of beauty is changing. Women are redefining beauty, reclaiming beauty on our own terms. Healthy self-expression and authenticity are prevailing over perfection. A “no-makeup” look starring natural, glowing skin continues to grow in popularity in the fashion industry and with women everywhere.

One flattering beauty technique is highlighting the skin. It gently guides the eye to features that you want to accentuate. It’s about luminous skin and enhancing bone structure in a soft and subtle way.


What are the joys of being in natural cosmetics business? I still get emotional about customer feedback on how our foundation and primer have changed someone’s life by giving them the confidence of beautiful skin. I also love the creative process of going from an idea I have for a shade or a texture or a new product type, working hard to evolve its development, and then watching it flow though all phases of production to it’s launch. Along the way I get to be witness to our amazing team who work together to ensure quality and great vibes at every step.


Thank you, Krysia and Kristine.

Published August/September 2018 Vol I: BUY NOW


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