3 Small Sustainability Changes That Can Have a Big Impact

The environment is changing, we all know that. But despite the worry surrounding the subject, there is still a lot of hope. Although it may seem like an intimidating task, changing your ways to become more sustainable can be incredibly satisfying! And, fortunately, there are plenty of small sustainability changes we can all make that will have a big impact on things.

Enjoy a Staycation

The summer vacation is on everyone’s mind right now. But sadly, jet setting across the world releases huge amounts of emissions into the atmosphere. So, as a solution, why not consider having a staycation instead?

Just because you are spending your days off at home, there is no need for a staycation to ever be dull. And while you can’t visit a specific location, what’s stopping it from coming to you? You could take an online course in cocktail making and sit sipping them in the evening sun, picturing yourself embracing the Hawaiian lifestyle. Or you could bring the Las Vegas adventure to you and use sites like Bonusfinder UK to find Sin City-style casinos and play slots and poker all from the comfort of your front room. In addition to the savings you’ll make on travel costs and the related emissions, you could snap up some deposit bonuses or free spins to further sweeten the deal.

Just like with a vacation, a staycation is what you make of it and you can easily have just as much at home as you can away. But without the guilt of flying.

Small Sustainability Changes


Change Your Consumer Habits

As consumers, we send messages to corporations about our lifestyle through the products we buy. So, changing your shopping habits is a great way to make an environmental change.

Eating plant-based is one of the best things a person can do for the environment. So, it could be that you decide to opt for the vegan option to encourage places to cut down on the meat products they offer. Customers choosing meat-free options has already had a huge impact on some of the biggest fast-food companies out there as sites like VegOut mag show us. This is already helping the environment in a big way.

Additionally, you may decide to go plastic-free to help wildlife and save on the energy that goes into making plastic. With consumers opting for paper and glass products over plastic ones, big firms have already responded by providing goods in plastic-free packaging. Changing your consumer habits doesn’t have to be a big thing and shows companies you are serious about helping the earth.

Small Sustainability Changes


Buy Second Hand

From original 1960’s flares to dining tables, there are some fantastic secondhand items out there that still have lots of life left in them. So many usable things end up in the trash every year and there simply isn’t a need for it.

Sending an item to the landfill before its time is not only a waste in general but is also really bad for the environment. And that’s because it takes a lot of material and water to create things like clothes, furniture, and electronics. Also, when something ends up in a landfill, it can leak harmful chemicals into the ground and start to pollute its surroundings.

Buying second-hand is a great way to save money and the environment. Many sites, like Freecycle.org, even have secondhand items that are totally free!

Small Sustainability Changes


These are all small changes to make but by doing them, you will be helping with the environment in a big way.

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