What Is In CBD Oil?

When purchasing CBD oil you want to ensure that what you get is the very best cbd oil that there is currently available on the market right now. However, most people are unsure as to what constitutes good quality broad spectrum CBD oil given that they know very little about the ingredients inside of it.

Although cannabidiol is the main substance found in most brands, in some other brands, there are other things in it, such as terpenoids, MCT oil, phytonutrients, and flavonoids.

What Is In CBD Oil

The importance of oil

Understanding what each of these different things do is important in developing a better idea of what CBD oil is and how best to use it in order to reap the benefits of doing so. As a pure isolated component, cannabidiol is not actually effective by itself. In order for it to be absorbed and metabolized by the human body, it needs to be infused into an oil. For example, if you ingested about a desert spoon’s worth of pure, 100 % CBD, you would absorb very little of it and the most part of the active compounds in it would be passed completely through your body and excreted out.

However, when it is consumed, once it has been infused into an oil, it is more efficient as it has a strong affinity for the lipid content that can be found in essential oils, such as olive oil and coconut oil. It is for this reason that CBD needs to be infused into a carrier oil – it is the most important ingredient of them all. The best oil to use is a hemp seed oil or failing that, a coconut oil. The reason why coconut oil is preferred is because it improves overall metabolism and absorption.

What Is In CBD Oil
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Understanding hemp extract

On the ingredients list of most bottles of CBD oil, including penguin cbd, you will likely see ‘Hemp Extract’ or in some cases it will be ‘Cannabis Extract’. This means that what the oil contains is a full spectrum blend of various active compounds of hemp, in addition to the actual CBD itself. This includes many hemp compounds and is likely to include phytocannabinoids (e.g. CBC, CBG), flavonoids, phytonutrients, and omega acids.

Rather than listing each and every one of these, most brands simply just put ‘Hemp Extract’ om the ingredients list for pure ease. There is also the fact that most probably do not know exactly how much of each compound is in the particular hemp strain. By stating that it has extracts of hemp in it, they are covering all of their bases, without having to me more specific on the individual compounds and quantity.

Those CBD oils that do contain ‘Hemp Extract’ are actually better for you than those ones that do not and advertise themselves as being 99 % pure isolate of CBD. There have been a number of scientific studies that show that CBD is more efficient in providing users with health benefits when the full spectrum of the plant is also present.

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