How To Cook With Magic Mushrooms And CBD Oil?

Cannabis and Psilocybin Mushrooms have become a revolution in alternative medicine to treat several ailments, like depression, anxiety, and pain. While cannabis is rapidly capturing even niche markets and applications globally, the interest and commercialization of magic magic mushrooms (golden teacher) are not too far behind with several studies to support its potency. Both ingredients promise incredible health benefits to the user with minimal side effects that can change the way we treat many ailments today.

Food as medicine has been a belief in many ancient cultures. People believe that what we eat influences good health, and it is the easiest way to treat any ailment.

How To Cook With Magic Mushrooms And CBD Oil

The right ingredients in your pot can make all the difference you expect in your life, and CBD oil and Magic mushrooms can be such incredible ingredients.

Cooking with magic mushroom and CBD oil is not just fun with the added earthy flavors, but it is also one of the easiest and best ways of micro-dosing on these compounds. From pot-brown to shroom edibles, here are some general tips and tricks to help you cook with these elegant ingredients better.

Cooking with CBD oil

CBD oil is a versatile ingredient that is simple to add in everyday recipes with minimal effort for maximum benefits. CBD oil comes from the hemp plant with or without the trace amounts of THC.

The compound does not initiate any psychoactive properties and is known to be a powerful aid that can curb pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression. In general, the compound has a light and relaxing effect on the body with improved sleep patterns and alleviated stress levels.

What to Remember?

CBD oil is easy to incorporate into recipes, such as salad, juices, and other full-course meal recipes like lasagne and curry. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you enjoy cooking with the compound.

How To Cook With Magic Mushrooms And CBD Oil

1. Explore the Many Forms of CBD Edibles

CBD oil is one of the many ways of incorporating the compound into your food. There is a list of CBD infused edibles that include cannabutter, canna honey, CBD mayonnaise readily available in the market. They also bring out the elegant flavors and incredible benefits of the compound to your kitchen with much ease.

2. Quality Matters

The tricky part about cooking with CBD oil is finding the right quality products. CBD is an upcoming market, and so many brands sell an array of products in varying quality.

That said, you do not have to use all your premium CBD tincture into cooking. Instead, look for good CBD oil or other infused products, such as CBD butter, CBD olive oil, that make an incredible choice for your recipe. High-quality CBD products can add the best flavors, aroma, and health benefits to your food.

3. Watch the Heat

The most crucial point to remember while cooking with CBD oil is to work with a low flame and minimum heat. The oil contains a spectrum of cannabinoids that may not hold if exposed to high temperatures.

How To Cook With CBD Oil

While there is not enough information available to understand what happens to the potency of the CBD oil in high temperatures, it is best to work with minimal heat settings as much as possible.

One of the easiest ways of incorporating this is to add the oil after removing the food from the flame. It helps to maintain the integrity of the compound and gives you the liberty to work with the heat settings just the way you like.

4. Say Yes to Healthy Fats

If you wish to gain the CBD compound benefits, try to include some form of fat in your recipe. CBD is a fat-soluble compound, so the presence of fats helps to deliver the benefits of the cannabinoid better.

You can try useful carrier oils, such as olive oil, avocado oil, for a dose of healthy fats.


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Cooking with Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms initiate powerful psychedelics effects that could help treat a variety of ailments, including anxiety and depression.

It creates an intense high with abstract sensation and visuals along with an open experience. Microdosing on the fungi could be an enjoyable experience. Here are some essential things to keep in mind while cooking with shrooms.

How To Cook With Magic Mushrooms And CBD Oil

What to Remember?

Magic mushrooms might be a tricky ingredient to master in your kitchen. Unlike CBD oil, magic mushrooms have an earthy, bitter flavor with a touch of nutty taste and jerky texture that can be strong. But, there are specific simple ways to embody the characters of this incredible ingredient into your food in a way that you can enjoy the benefits of it.

1.   Less Heat To Relish the Potency

Like CBD, psilocybin mushrooms also contain potent components that initiate many health benefits. Too much heat could eliminate the potency of the shroom, and hence it is best to work with a temperature of around 100 degrees Celsius. Magic mushroom tea is brewed at this temperature, which tends to retain the potency, and hence it could be the ideal temperature to work without eliminating its chemical profile.

2.  The Right Ingredients will Mask the Bitter Flavors

From adding it as a topping to your pizza to preparing a simple salad, there are several ways to include magic mushrooms in a recipe to microdose. You can make causal recipes, such as sandwiches or pasta, and substitute a part of the regular mushrooms with shrooms based on the required dosage. It will keep the bitterness at the check and ensure that you relish the many flavors of the recipe.

How To Cook With Shrooms and CBD Oil

Mix regular mushrooms like Cremini or button mushrooms with a dose of magic mushrooms for subtle flavors. Include bold ingredients that carry a strong flavor palette like garlic to mask the bitterness and enjoy your dish.

3. Beware of Dried Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are the most common form of including shrooms in your diet. They are easy to blend into a paste or add in powder form in a spectrum of edibles. But, they are highly potent and can cause an uncomfortable experience in higher doses. As a precaution, rehydrate your mushroom separately in hot water and extract the stock for use in your recipe instead of adding the dried mushroom directly.


Cooking with CBD oil and magic mushrooms can be a fun experience with the right ingredients, dosage, and, most importantly, the proper techniques. Follow these simple cooking guidelines to prepare delicious recipes with these incredible ingredients.

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