Anti-Stress Hacks: How to Really Enjoy in Your Bath

Taking a bath can be one of the most relaxing treatments you can do for yourself when you feel like you have overworked yourself. Showers are for making yourself clean, but a good bath can take all of the stress away.

They are for calming your mind and soothing any pain you may have. We all lead very busy and stressful lives, so having a nice, long bath on the weekend can be just what the doctor ordered to fill our energy right back up. Read on to find out how to turn your bathroom into your own spa resort.

anti stress enjoy your bath

Prepare the Bathroom

You should prepare for your bath in order to maximize your relaxation. It’s very difficult to relax in not so clean surroundings, so clean up your bathroom a little bit before you take your bath. That way your bath can be an even bigger reward. Shake out your bath mat, wipe the floors and clean your tub a bit. Also, remember to clean your bath after finishing up.

anti stress enjoy your bath

Prepare Yourself

Before making a bath, take a shower or even just wash your feet, especially if you have just gotten home from a day at work. You don’t want to lie in your perfect relaxing bath without being clean first. This will save you unnecessary stress and amp up your relaxing time.

Add a Scented Oil

Scented oils or gels are a perfect way to make your bath even more relaxing. Add them to the water halfway. Lavender and rose are perfect for a relaxing effect. Citrus notes are perfect for giving you energy and vigour, especially if you take your baths in the morning. They will prepare you for the day ahead. Using bath oils will give you a very nice scent to the bath, and it will also take care of your skin while you are soaking up.

Adjust the Temperature

What is the perfect temperature for a bath? It’s as hot as you can handle. Having a very warm bath will help you in relaxing, and will ease any pain you have and completely relax your muscles. It will help you get in the zone and prepare you for sleep. If your skin is sensitive to hot water temperatures, bring it down a bit. You want this experience to be relaxing, not painful.

anti stress enjoy your bath

Gather Your Supplies

You can take a bath as is, just by soaking up and relaxing, but to use it up to the maximum, you should prepare certain things. When you start the water for your bath, it takes some time to fill up, so use this time to gather everything you need. Place a stool next to the bath or a bath caddy. This will hold all of your entertainment for the bath and snacks or drinks you may want.

Place a towel near you for wiping your hands. You can buy a waterproof pillow to lean on, or just use a small towel. Grab a book or choose a good show or movie to watch while you’re in the bath. Prepare any snack you may need and some drinks, so you don’t have to get out of the tub to fetch them.

Beauty Treatments

If you have the energy and will, baths are a perfect place for taking care of your skin and relaxing even more. There are many bath oils that take care of your skin while you soak up. This is a perfect time to use that sheet mask you never found the time to use before because baths require a long time. Place a sheet mask on your face, lay back and let it do its magic. Soaking in the bath will help ease any skin you may want to remove, and you can take care of the soles of your feet in the end for example.

anti stress enjoy your bath

Make the Ambience

The setting is key to a perfect bath. By lighting up some candles you can make your bathroom feel like a private spa resort. Play some nice relaxing music. There are many relaxing playlists on the internet, and try to find something calm and positive. This can also be a great time to cue up some podcasts that you’ve been meaning to listen to. If you really don’t have time in the day, use this time to watch the new episode of your favourite show, it’s going to cheer you right up.

Snacks and Drinks

Having a snack and a drink while in the tub is amazing and will help you relax even more. A staple for a bath in chocolate, but you can choose any snack you want. Maybe avoid any snacks that can crumble into the water. Unwinding with a glass of wine in the tub is amazing, but if you don’t like wine or can’t drink any alcohol, having a nice relaxing tea or lemonade, for example, is also good. Keep a glass or bottle of water close if you start to feel hot or dehydrated from the warm bath.

how to reduce stress

Fluffy Towels and Robes

What can finish up a great bath than a warm fluffy towel or bathrobe? Preparing clean towels and maybe heating them up before will ensure that you feel even more relaxed when you get out of the bath. Having a soft, clean and pretty towel after the bath can complete your experience. Have some pj’s ready and a nice robe to keep all the warmth inside.

how to reduce stress

After the Bath

Enjoy the bath you had and the time for yourself after. Make a nice meal or have a hot cup of tea before bed. Continue reading your book or watching your show and enjoy the rest of the day. Making your bed with new sheets will make you feel even cleaner and amazing. Dim the lights and prepare for a nice long sleep.

Taking a bath can be your special escape and relaxing time, especially after a long work week. Take aside even half an hour to enjoy a bath, and your mind and body will thank you for it. It feels amazing, it relaxes you, and once you take a good bath, you can never pick a shower over a bath if you have a bit more time in the day.

Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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