A Guide to Cannabis Consumption Methods

Cannabis is big business now it has been legalized or decriminalized in many states of the USA. Being able to get hold of quality weed at sensible prices from licensed retailers has taken a lot of the danger away from enjoying marijuana. The choice now lies with how you want to take your cannabis. There are a few methods of enjoying the substance as you wish, so we’re going to guide you through the most popular.

Cannabis Consumption Methods
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Inhaling Cannabis

To get the effect you want from your cannabis – the high that is provided by the THC content – you need to get it into your lungs from where it will enter the bloodstream, leading to that relaxing and wonderful effect we all love. There are two ways of doing this: smoking and vaping, so let’s talk about each.

Smoking Cannabis

Smoking Cannabis is for many users the way to go. This is primarily because it is how they’ve always done it, and they are used to the effects. It’s easy to roll a joint and it is a pure cannabis effect, but there are downsides. One is that smoking is banned in many public places these days, and the other is that the inhalation of smoke is dangerous. The act of burning produces by-products that have been proven to harm the lungs – hence the ban – and it is frowned upon socially even where permitted.

Cannabis Consumption Methods
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Vaping Cannabis

Vaping Cannabis is rapidly becoming the method of choice. It’s easy, and while not permitted everywhere there are more places you can vape than you can smoke. As there is no smoke involved that danger element is removed, and there are various wax pens and dab pens plus many other devices with which you can quickly and easily take your hit. However, where smoking and vaping are not permitted and you still want a hit, the best way to do so may be by way of cannabis edibles.

Eating Cannabis

The choice of cannabis edibles is growing all the time and many people like to carry a pack – often known as ‘gummies’ – with them when they are on the move. They are convenient – after all, everyone thinks you’re just eating candy – but they don’t give much of a hit. This is because there’s only so much cannabis concentrate you can get in a gummy, and also the process doesn’t help.

As we mentioned the cannabis needs to get into the bloodstream. This is pretty much instantaneous when inhaled into the lungs, but when eaten it needs to go through the digestive system. Clearly this will take some time, hence there is little in the way of effect quickly, and when it does come it is not a hit as you will be familiar with. Let’s finish by looking at some other ways of taking cannabis.

Other Methods of Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis skin products can also be bought and as it is said to help with the likes of eczema, these are best treated as skin treatments rather than as a way of getting high. The amount is very small and there is little to no hit. It can also be bought as tinctures that you put on the tongue, a quick and simple method, and this is the same as many CBD products that you can buy from reliable and established brand Gala CBD via their online shop.

In conclusion, the general consensus is that vaping cannabis is the most effective way of getting a smooth hit without the inherent dangers of having to smoke your weed, so we recommend you check out vaping devices and have a go.

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