9 Ways to Boost your Focus & Concentration

Maintaining focus helps you construct your internal thoughts to manage challenging tasks at work, school, or whichever project calls for concentration. In this time of illimitable information overload, it is hard to focus and keep attention on all the tasks that call for your attention. Here are some ways to boost your focus and concentration.

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Get in some regular green time

Spending time in nature helps a lot in increasing concentration ability and improving the attention span. Exposing yourself to natural surroundings by taking short walks in the park or sitting outside in the garden can help to increase your ability to concentrate. Scientific evidence continues to support the fact that spending time in natural environments boosts concentration levels and productivity remarkably. You could bring a little bit of the outdoors inside by adding a few plants and succulents to your home or office. If you feel like your brain is scattered, a dose of nature could be all you need.

Eliminate distractions

Most people do not take into account the impact that distraction has in preventing concentration on tasks. Limiting distractions is not an easy task, especially with all the possible background distractions. These intrusions that get in the way of intense focus can be emails, social media, or cell phone notifications. One way to minimize distractions is by putting aside specific times in your day where no distractions are allowed.

Alternatively, you could find a quiet location where you can focus with minimal distractions. It could be a library, a quiet coffee house around the corner, or a private room in your home. Remember, distractions do not always come from external sources. Factors like exhaustion, anxiety, and poor motivation can be an internal source of distraction. Try to be well-rested before your tasks to minimize these internal distractions.

Avoid multitasking

Some people assume that multitasking is an excellent use of time because they think that more things are getting done in a short time. However, what juggling multiple tasks does is cut down on productivity. It makes it hard to get down to the crucial details. When limiting your focus to one area, it is easier to see all the tiny details of a task- more than would be the case if you were spreading your attention to various activities. Make the most of your attention resources by giving attention to one thing at a time.

Practise mindfulness

Mindfulness has become quite popular because of its potential benefits. Studies increasingly link mindfulness to various health benefits, among them being improved concentration. Practicing mindfulness increases not only attention but also improves memory and cognitive abilities. There are many forms of mindfulness that you could incorporate into your life. Yoga and deep breathing are some impactful mindful practices. You can use them to improve focus and concentration.

Check on your diet

The foods you eat affect your cognitive functions like memory and concentration. Checking your diet helps to boost focus. Eat more eggs, blueberries, fatty fish, and vegetables. Stay away from too many added sugars, processed foods, and greasy food. Take supplements to boost your focus. For example, try options like the Lion mane’s mushroom. Well, there are lots of lion’s mane uses and benefits to your body. It does boost your immune system plus it will improve cognitive performance. Staying hydrated also helps to improve concentration and makes it easier to remember information.

Take breaks between tasks

Trying to concentrate for long periods is challenging. Your focus may start to break down after a while, and it becomes difficult to devote your attention to the task at hand. Your performance is also likely to suffer in the process. When working on prolonged tasks, try to take breaks or shift your attention to another thing for a little while. An occasional mental break between work improves mental focus dramatically. You will manage to maintain a sharp mental focus while improving your performance when necessary.

Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep can limit concentration significantly. It has an impact on other cognitive functions like attention and memory as well.  If you fail to get enough sleep once in a while, it may not be too much of a problem. However, regularly lacking adequate sleep can cause issues in your performance at work and your general mood.

Also, with insufficient sleep, you do not get to be well-rested enough. Being extremely tired slows down your reflexes and impacts your ability to perform various day-to-day tasks. Try to have the recommended hours of sleep every night. Practice proper sleep hygiene practices. Switch off the TV and other screens a few minutes or an hour before bedtime. Ensure that your room is always at a comfortable temperature.

You could also wind down before bed with soft music, reading a book, or taking a warm bath. One other thing that helps is going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Exercise in the day gets you tired enough that you will fall to sleep immediately to get in bed. Just ensure that you do not do heavy workouts right before bed.

Make time for exercise

Regular exercise is often known for its numerous benefits. One of the many benefits of exercise is increased concentration. Exercise also increases the ability to focus. You do not have to do intense routines to reap the benefits of exercise. Do what you can. It is better than doing nothing at all. Incorporate physical activity into your day. Walking the dog or taking the stairs in place of the elevator is much better than doing nothing.

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Turn on some music

Listening to music when performing a task can help increase concentration. You do not have to listen to all the renowned artists and popular songs. Nature sounds and white noise that hides the background noises help. When you are working, they can improve brain functions and enhance concentration.  Classical music and natural sound are some of the best choices to help you focus. Ambient and electronic music are also great alternatives. To avoid the music from being a source of distraction, keep it soft or at a background noise level. Also, do not listen to music you love or hate as that could end up distracting you.

Final Remarks

Try the approaches above to improve your concentration and consequently improve productivity and performance. After all, most of them are just simple hacks that you can inculcate into your routine.

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