Top 5 Vegan Clothing Brands of 2021

In a clothing market teeming with fast fashion, it can be difficult to shop ethically. But making the switch to a vegan wardrobe isn’t hard if you know which brands to shop from. Who is making stylish, comfortable vegan clothes right now?

Keep reading for a list of vegan clothing brands that will revolutionize your closet in 2021.

Top 5 Vegan Clothing Brands
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1 Brave GentleMan

Brave GentleMan is a brand that uses sustainable materials to make an elegant statement in men’s fashion. The founder of Brave GentleMan, Joshua Katcher, doesn’t believe that animal products belong in industrialized fashion. As such, Katcher creates suits, dress shoes, and other staples that are cruelty-free and low impact.

Brave GentleMan is one of the top vegan-friendly clothing brands. Celebs like Liam Hemsworth and Joaquin Phoenix have been known to wear Brave GentleMan.

But for vegans, the most significant recognition comes from PETA. In recent years, they have been named “Most Influential Designer” by this leading animal rights organization.

And while Brave GentleMan’s clothing is angled towards male fashion, a lot of it is classified as unisex. This means that you can enjoy vegan clothing staples without them being unnecessarily gendered. Brave GentleMan is for everybody.

2 Will’s Vegan Store

Don’t let its simplistic name fool you, Will’s Vegan Store is one of the best places to look for vegan shoes. Founded in 2012, this shoe brand has been making stylish, comfortable footwear for nearly a decade.

According to founder Will Green, all of WVS’s products are completely vegan, from the fabrics to the glue that holds them together. For your assurance, all of their products are registered with the Vegan Society.

You may be wondering, what materials are used to make a shoe vegan option? The truth is that different companies use different materials. Faux shoe leather can be made out of anything from recycled plastics to natural elements.

WVS makes their faux leather out of cereal crops grown in Europe. These shoes are so durable that they will last you through 2021 and beyond, even if you get them dirty.

In addition to being a vegan store, WVS also prioritizes reducing its carbon footprint. That’s why its online shop uses carbon-neutral plastic-free packaging materials.

3 WAMA Underwear

A vegan wardrobe isn’t just about a solid outer layer. You also need to find vegan intimates. That’s where WAMA Underwear comes in.

WAMA has harnessed the advantages of hemp fabrics to make some of the most comfortable, sustainable underwear on the market. Fabrics made out of hemp are naturally breathable and anti-bacterial. This makes them ideal for underwear.

With a handful of men’s and women’s styles, shoppers can find WAMA underwear for all cut preferences. Female buyers will also be pleased to find out that WAMA also makes bras and bralettes. Finally, a comfortable vegan bra!

Anti-odor properties in the material mean that your comfortable underwear also stays fresh. A lot of hemp is grown and processed in China, so WAMA’s staff is internationally based and committed to fair-labor practices.

Vegan clothing isn’t cruelty-free if worker’s rights are not factored into the equation. And that’s why labor transparency is so important to the WAMA team. If you are looking for fresh and fun vegan undies to last you through 2021, check out WAMA Underwear for vegan essentials.

4 In the SoulShine

And what about when you want some casual clothing to wear out for coffee with friends, or to run some errands? For this year’s best sweaters, tees and hoodies, shop at In the SoulShine.

In the SoulShine is a vegan clothing company that prizes fair sustainability in every sense of the word. In addition to being committed against animal cruelty, In the SoulShine maintains fair labor practices at their production center in Bali. Employees are paid per piece and provided lunch every day.

This year, In the SoulShine is also making other exciting changes. They are transitioning away from regular cotton and switching over to organic cotton. Additionally, they will be starting to package their items in biodegradable packaging instead of plastic.

Just another two good reasons to shop with In the SoulShine in 2021.

5 Alternative Apparel

Let’s say it is your day off, and you just want to lounge around the house. You may take the dog for a walk, or do a simple yoga routine in your living room.

What will you be wearing? Athleisure, of course!

Athleisure is a term that refers to dressy athletic clothes, and it is popular right now. Just because you’re spending the day in sweatpants doesn’t mean you can’t look nice!

Unfortunately, athleisure is a style trend that often falls victim to fast fashion. You can easily find $5 leggings or a cheap cotton hoodie. Finding vegan options is a lot harder.

And that’s why you should shop at Alternative Apparel for your athleisure needs. They’ll hook you up with your hoodies, leggings, and outerwear. And all without compromising animal rights in the process.

With a focus on recycling cotton, the Alternative Apparel promise is that they are always looking for ways to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

The Year of Vegan Clothing Brands

A lot of people have a hard time finding vegan clothing options. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Let’s make 2021 the year of vegan clothing brands by shopping with these top five vegan retailers this year.

Does this sound like something you’re into? Check out our Fashion section for more hot trends and top brands of 2021.

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