Cool and Unique Home Renovation DIY Ideas for This Summer

In modern homes, it’s not how much space you have that matters; it’s what you do with it. Make the most of your house with some cool and unique renovation projects that will make it so that you never want to leave.

Here are some of the best summer renovation DIY projects to take on this year.

Cool and Unique Home Renovation DIY Ideas for This Summer

Install a Deck Bar

Why head to the local pub for drinks on the patio when you can enjoy the same atmosphere at home. Make your deck the place to be this summer by installing a deck bar. You can craft something quick and easy using recycled pallets, or build a pergola for a more structured approach.

Before you start working with wood, try the best woodworking software and plan everything in advance.

To really get the beer patio vibe, add a bar around the railings of the deck where people can enjoy their drinks. This is a nice touch if you have a landscaped backyard or property with a view.

Create a Games Room

Boardgames are back with a vengeance. As more people pursue financial goals, they’re leaving behind the nights on the town and taking a more intimate approach to gatherings.

What better place to hang out with friends than in a games room? Use this space to invoke a sense of nostalgia, using your favorite games as inspiration. Store your favorite games in shadow boxes on the wall for functional storage that doubles as art. Invest in a custom storage box for your D&D dice from Repurpose a plain wooden box into a Rubix cube coffee table.

prepare a game room for your guests

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Bathrooms were once overlooked in the home. They were viewed as a necessity, rather than being recognized for the opportunity for luxury that they offer. Capitalize on this space by creating your own at-home spa environment.

Replace your boring showerhead with a rainfall style faucet and install smart temperature controls so you can shower at your ideal temperature every time. Replace tiles with teak in the shower for a sauna-like environment.

Make this space more personal with living plants and custom art replicating your favorite relaxing scenes (get more info). For an upgrade that will add value to your home while keeping you comfortable, invest in atmospheric lighting, a smart mirror, and towel warmers.

turn back yard into a beach

Turn Your Yard Into a Beach

Imagine a backyard oasis that makes you feel like you’ve stepped onto your favorite beach. Zydeco Construction builds custom swimming ponds that give a beach-like experience to inground pools. You can replace the tiles surrounding your pool with sand, install a swim-up bar, and enjoy a tropical vacation in your backyard.

Natural-style inground pools are becoming more popular and present an incredible landscaping design opportunity. No more packing your bags and hoping to get a space on the crowded beach before the clouds roll in.



Use Mirrored Tiles and Light Tunnels

Some homes have areas where natural light is sparse. The bathroom is one of these places and often has no windows. Hallways are another area where it’s hard to get access to natural light.

Light tunnels are a small alternative to skylights and use an elongated tube to cast natural light in dark areas. They resemble pot lights and are an ideal solution for dim hallways and bathrooms that have no exterior walls or windows.

Another DIY renovation project that can light up a room is mirrored tiles. These look fantastic as a backsplash, especially in the bathroom. Mirrors are often used by interior designers to reflect light and create the illusion of space.

make an inside fire pit

Install an Indoor Fire Pit

Keep your living room warm and toasty with an indoor fire pit. Family movie nights will be all the more fun when you can make smores inside.

There are a few different options for this unique renovation. You can build a tabletop fireplace or create a 360-degree glass fireplace with panel access. There are vented and non-vented options, depending on your preference.

Indoor fire puts look amazing in sunken conversation areas. For a more in-depth renovation project to work on over the summer, add a sunken area in your living room or rec room for when you entertain guests.

The summer is the perfect time to start these unique renovations, many of which you can enjoy all year long. Choose something that showcases your personality and flair and sets your home apart from the rest.

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