From Cannabis To CBD Pre Roll: A Medicinal Journey

If one substance has been the most controversial in the world, it has to be cannabis. Even though it is often relegated to a lesser status when it comes to toxicity, it is still illegal in many countries. However, there have been a few major changes over the past few decades as this website says. Some countries are becoming more open to the substance. What happened, and how is it beneficial to the human race?

From Cannabis To CBD Pre Roll
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We cannot deny that we are the wisest of all the species in the world. It is the only aspect that helped us survive since we are comparably fragile compared to other species. Our brains became the weapon for us to become the apex creatures on earth according to evolution. However, we are still susceptible to various diseases and conditions. It has become a threat to our society as a whole, creating new problems and concerts as we advance as the human race.

One of the major concerns of most people is sickness since we are still susceptible to it. There are so many varieties of bacteria, viruses, and other sources of these conditions. It has become a part of science itself to discover these threats and help those who are afflicted. The way we understand medicine has followed suit, and we have moved away from the occult to the more science-based facts. There is a connection between those fields: the use of herbal medicine.

Herbal Medicine: For The Past Or Present?

It is not a surprise given that they exist for a reason, and most of it goes to food. However, there are compounds and chemical elements in these plants which have been proven to cure certain diseases. For example, menthol extracted from the mint family is great for respiratory problems and medicinal balms. It is a similar reason that cannabis was first used based on ancient texts, although it focuses more on the respiratory issue.

However, one of the main purposes of cannabis is for religious and cultural traditions. Some historians believe that many ancient civilizations relied on cannabis to communicate with the gods. We know that it is a natural effect of cannabis: it has psychoactive properties that influence how we recognize our surroundings. It has become a main fixture in many celebrations and holy rituals as long as it grew in the vicinity.

When the modern world came to be, this psychoactive property was demonized. How would you interpret these images, especially if you do not know anything about the mind? These Illusions were said to be the products of the underworld and were outlawed in various countries. Even today, bringing cannabis to countries like China would result in harsh punishments or even death.

When it was discovered by scientists that it has potential for medicine, it created new opportunities for people to develop their knowledge. The separation of compounds led to the discovery of cannabidiol, and it is the compound that is often attributed to medicinal functions. Also, varieties of cannabis were developed and discovered, leading to a new era in this treatment.

Nowadays, most people would prefer the counterpart to cannabis, which does not have the psychoactive elements. It is known as hemp, and it is rich in cannabidiol compared to the rest of the other variants. It is the one that is marketed to be the safer alternative, and there is truth to back it up. For starters, it has little THC, the compound responsible for the psychoactive concerns.

There are many ways that you can enjoy CBD as it is a versatile product. It is now found in other common food staples and household materials like CBD pre rolls to fragrances. However, there are certain products that you may want to explore first as they are the most common and readily available.

Some Exciting Options

From Cannabis To CBD Pre Roll
Source: Pinterest


The most popular version of CBD available in the market these days, and for a good reason. It is also known as pure CBD, as there are no other ingredients unless otherwise stated. As it is oil form, you can add it to your favorite meal or use it directly to your skin. It is also great to drink straight up in drops, but the flavor might not agree with you. It would be best to mix it with your favorite food or drink for extra enjoyment.


As we all know, cannabis is also a popular addition to cigarettes back in the day. There are times when you need to make your own and call it blunts. There are many kinds of pre-rolls; some do have something mixed aside from the cannabidiol. First off, there are flavors that you may want in your roll, which come in the form of scent. Meanwhile, some roll manufacturers like to mix in other varieties of marijuana for an extra kick.


If you don’t want to mix it in your food, then you would like the edibles. You may have already seen them before, as they are tiny bites full of CBD. These things may also have flavor in them, while others can easily pass as candy. However, edibles do pack a punch since they are full of leaves aside from flavorings. Watch out because you might end up taking too much as you see here:

There are many ways that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD. It might not be fully legal here in the US, but many advocates believe it can happen. For now, always take care while taking this substance even though most people would say it is safe. Consult your doctor if you have preexisting conditions that might affect you while taking cannabidiol.

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