6 Ways to De-Stress at Home

Research has shown that almost one-third of corporate Australia is suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. This means that workplaces are basically becoming silent killers. Many people don’t know how to deal with all the stress and anxiety. And the solution is so simple and within a hands reach for all of us. That simple solution is de-stressing at your own home. Your home is your peaceful oasis, and as such, it should be a place where you de-stress and relax from all the hardships a day brings.

De-stressing means different things to different people. Some prefer to read a book as a way to unwind, others like to take a nap, the point here is to find a way to relax and be in peace.

If you still haven’t found a way to de-stress at your own home, let us help you find a way to regain your inner peace.

Here are some of the best ways to de-stress at home and mostly for free.

how to de-stress at home


We are so high-strung that we often forget to just breath. Controlled breathing is a technique used to reduce and relieve stress and anxiety. Just give it a try, one deep breath in and then let it out, you’re already feeling better, aren’t you?

If you’re looking for a way to de-stress at home, you can try out some simple breathing exercises that can help you a great deal. The first thing you need to do is wear some comfortable clothes. Then find a comfortable place to do these exercises, this may be your bed, your sofa or even sitting on the floor if that works for you.

Sit back on your chair so that your head and neck and shoulders are supported against the back of it. Start breathing the air in, so that your stomach is filling with air. Then breathe out through your nose. Repeat this three or four more times. Your stomach should rise as you fill it with air and fall as you’re breathing out.

If it’s not working at first don’t force it, it may be counterproductive and you may feel even more stressed.

These sorts of exercises are best done two times a day and at the same time.


meditate at home


Similarly, you can use meditation to regain your inner peace and to relieve stress. With mediation you have different options, you can practice it anywhere but in different ways.

For example, there is guided meditation where you’re supposed to create mental images of places and situations where you’re most relaxed.

Another type of mediation includes mantra. The whole point here is to silently repeat a word, phrase or thought that you find calming and that can stop distracting thoughts.

There are many different types and techniques of mediation that can help you reach that state of complete relaxation, you just have to find the one that works best for you.

Listen to Music

 listen to live music at home

Listening to music can be a great way to de-stress. Our emotions are connected to music in a special way and that’s why music can be an ideal stress management tool.

Music, especially classical music, has a relaxing effect on both our minds and bodies. This kind of music is known to slow our heart rate and lower our blood pressure and simply put us in a state of utter calm.

De-stressing with the right type of music can help you a great deal. Find out which kind of music works best for you and the moment you step foot in your home put it on.

Many people feel like playing music will further aggravate them when they are already feeling anxious and stressed. However, this will not be the case if you play the right kind of music.

Indulge in a Massage

how to de-stress at home indulge into massage

There are many benefits of massages, and one of them includes relaxation and de-stressing. Massages relieve muscle pain and thus relieve stress and tension gathered in our bodies. Most commonly massaged areas of our body include our back, shoulders, and neck as these parts are mostly where tension gathers. But did you know that a foot massage can help you get your whole body to a state of calm and relaxation?

In order to have an effective foot massage at home, you will need to invest in a foot massager. The number of Australians that use massaging devices to relax at home increases every year. If you want to give these kinds of massages a try, find some of the top-notch foot massagers in Australia that can help you de-stress and unwind after a stressful day at work.

Having foot massages regularly brings many physical and mental benefits. Some of the physical benefits of foot massages include improved blood circulation and help in relieving body pain.

When it comes to mental health, foot massages are known to help with this too. If you indulge in a foot massage from time to time you will improve your sleep, you’ll also feel better as this kind of massage improves mood and fights depression and it helps you relax.

Turn Off All Electronic Devices

turn off all electrical devices

You’ve read that right. You can relax just by shutting off all your electronic devices such as phone, TV, computer or laptop. All these devices are most likely connected to your work and spending to much time on them is known to take a toll on your emotions.

So, once you cross the threshold of your home, turn off every electronic device you own for at least half an hour. Just half an hour without all the buzzing, ringing and flashing will do wonders to your nerves and thus your mental health.

De-stressing in this way is the best solution you can find. If you want you can fit in a couple of minutes of deep breathing while all your technology is off – this way nothing will disturb your peace and quiet.

Take a Nap

take at nap to reduce anxiety

Taking a nap, as research has shown, can reduce stress and improve your reaction time and learning ability. Your body can get more rest if you decide to take a twenty-minute nap in the afternoon rather than sleeping 20 more minutes in the morning.

This is because a nap has better effects on our body and mind then all the additional sleeping we do in the morning. The best kind of nap only takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Anything longer than this can get you into deeper sleep stages making it difficult for you to wake up.

So, if you want to de-stress and recuperate after a long day at work, just power nap for a few minutes and you’re all set.


De-stressing at home should be a priority for everyone. It doesn’t take long and it will recharge your batteries. Just find the right de-stressing method and implement it in your everyday life.

Doing one of these methods regularly, meaning at least once or twice a day will improve your mental and physical health significantly. You will feel better and it will certainly show at your work and in private life as well.

Don’t let stressful situations disturb your inner peace when you have so many ways and tools to deal with them and keep your mind de-stressed.

Emma WilliamsEmma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river. Follow Emma Williams on Twitter.

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