5 Epic Road Trip Ideas to Take With Your Dog

Take a road trip with your dog and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being out on the open road. You and your trusted companion can traverse hundreds of miles without spending a lot of money. Invest in a few safety items to ensure your pet stays protected and maybe even consider the prospect of upgrading to a dog-friendly RV. Regardless of where you go, your experience is that much more memorable when your beloved pooch is by your side.

Epic Road Trip Ideas to Take With Your Dog
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Gear Up for the Scenic Route

One of the most epic adventures you and your pooch can go on is the scenic drive along California’s coastline. With numerous spots to stop and camp under the stars, this road trip is one of the most pet-friendly options in the United States. Before you and your pup head toward the sunshine and ocean waves, be sure to pack for everything the two of you may need. A dog harness is essential for this type of extended travel because it allows you to safely monitor your dog in the vehicle and makes it easy to take them out for walks when you make a pit stop.

When you look at dog harnesses for sale, consider the products available from Joyride Harness. These dog harnesses are easy to place on your pet and are comfortable enough to remain in place for the duration of your trip. Their collar selection is vast, and you can find a style that fits your pet’s personality. You can also purchase a doggy seatbelt to clip into your newly acquired Joyride Harness to ensure your pup is protected while the vehicle is moving.

Cruise The Pacific Northwest in Your RV

If you enjoy traveling frequently with your pup, purchasing an RV provides you with a great way to cover long distances without worrying about finding pet-friendly accommodations. Search for rv warranty companies in your area to find the best comprehensive coverage for your new vehicle to optimize your peace of mind while on the road with your pooch. In doing so, you will receive the warranty you need to cover a mechanical breakdown or any additional issues you may encounter on the road. Once you select the RV of your dreams and establish the proper warranty coverage, you and your pooch are ready to see the beautiful sights of the Pacific Northwest.

From lush greenery to breathtaking views of the ocean, the Pacific Northwest is perfect for you and your trusted sidekick. Find RV camps along the route so you two can rest comfortably overnight before traveling deeper into the woods.

Epic Road Trip Ideas to Take With Your Dog
Source: Pinterest

Take Your RV Along Historic Route 66

The spaciousness of an RV allows you to bring any type of pup on the road with you from a big dog weighing over a hundred pounds to a small dog you can safely clip into the seat next to you with your trusted dog harness and seatbelt. Travel Route 66 from Chicago all the way through to Los Angeles to truly gain the best experience possible. With an RV, you have the added benefit of security and shelter which opens up numerous possibilities for overnight stays along the route. Be sure to pull over frequently to let your pup stretch their legs and use the bathroom. This also allows you two to see appreciate different cities along the way like Amarillo, Albuquerque, and Flagstaff.

New England in Autumn

Drive your RV to New England during the cool autumn months and become enchanted by the sea of color that overtakes the foliage in this region. Numerous pet-friendly destinations exist along the way, so you can slide on your pet’s no pull dog harness and take them for walks through the winding New England countryside. As an RVer, you can gain access to several campgrounds throughout these states, so use this to your advantage and sleep amidst the gorgeous autumn leaves with your pup by your side.



Montana or Bust

Montana is a perfect destination to travel to in your RV with your dog safely strapped in with their comfortable harness. With clear, open skies and an abundance of flat land to run across, you and your best friend will have the trip of a lifetime. Update your recreational vehicle protection plan in advance if you have yet to do so. This ensures you have access to roadside assistance and other helpful features if you need them.

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